Rumble in Da Jungle: TRiP vs Night Slasher

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Rumble in Da Jungle: TRiP vs Night Slasher

Post by Killjoy » Sat Apr 18, 2020 10:24 pm

TRiP: 3 speed, 1 traction, 1 torque, 16 weapon, 9 armour (+1 wheels)

Night Slasher: 7 speed, 5 traction, 2 torque, 8 weapon, 8 armor

Hmmm I think I'll go full murderhobo. I one shot him with power to spare. He doesn't have a lot of hope of controlling me because of my loopy shape and lolorbital hammer. If he sticks the arm up to push me, he's just helping me aim better. Thanks! I also drive just a little faster than he pushes, and his control isn't so hot. Sooner or later, he's gonna oversteer and it's nighty night, sweet prince.

Basically be a flailing ball of death, doom, and neons. Badnik has to last 3 minutes in there with me. Hit him, whatever it takes: catch him on the return swing; face him sideways, let him push me, and jack knife; zoom up to him as aggressive as always and then back up a tiny bit instead and hammer him; take advantage of oversteer. His weapon needs time to deal much damage, so twist and squirm and don't let him keep his saw on the same spot on my bot for ten seconds with no interruptions. Use the bigtime hammer to bounce me free if I need to.

Try not to mess with the statues - they're atmospheric and I like my rooms atmospheric, but kill them if I happen to end up there, I guess. Same goes for the house robots. They're just hardworking guys doing their jobs. If that sweeper attacks me, though, let him have it right back, right on the tracks. Let him have it more at the end if I KO Night Slasher and it's justified revenge. Mostly just kill Night Slasher, though. Dylan's edge might be able to cut, but I have a hammer.

Good luck :)

(sorry for the edit. I derped on the title)

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Re: Rumble in Da Jungle: TRiP vs Night Slasher

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Apr 18, 2020 11:14 pm

circle her at a reasonable distance and look for an opening. swing the blade into whatever i can hit, then back off. keep up the hit-and-run tactics for as long as i can and try to swing the judges on damage. never let her line up a shot with the hammer.

try to look for patterns in her movement if she tries to juke me out or anything so i can intercept, but with a fight like this i don't think it'll be super important.

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