CBC4 LW Round 7: Magnolia Pico vs 25 or 6 to 4

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CBC4 LW Round 7: Magnolia Pico vs 25 or 6 to 4

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Apr 18, 2020 8:09 pm

Pico: 4/2/1/16+1/9
25 or 6 to 4: 5/3/1/14 (-1 clutch)/7
Our wedges are even, I one-shot him anywhere, with a -4 difference my wedge can tank a few shots from him, and his negligible speed advantage and equal control don't allow him to smother, flank, or appreciably outdrive me. His flipper's a bit of a worry, but I'm double weight (making me a dubious prospect for OOTA unless I just let him line up a perfect shot), it's only effective when he's spun up, it can be easily baited, and he'll buck every time that he fires it, momentarily high-centering himself and probably struggling a bit for control as his spinning ring hits the floor.

My main goal is to come storming out of my square and hit him early, often, and anywhere. He's not just going to let this happen. His win conditions are flipping me OOTA (so I'll stay well away from the OOTA walls) or overturning me and getting to my underside. The former is tough because he has barely any drivetrain advantage and he needs an absolutely perfect flip. The latter is going to be tough because of his own bucking and high-centering causing his ring to hit the floor as well as my fast self-righting.

Just come at him, all aggression, get right up to his flipper and suddenly circle strafe the hell away. When he bucks from flipping, rush back in and hit him. Be ready for him to try baiting me as well. Mix in circle strafing to force him to turn on the spot instead of driving more aggressively. I have a slight reach edge, and his wedge is no better than mine, so even a flip for him is a 50/50 play, while I don't have that problem. If he's prioritizing his spinner, then I have a lot more leeway. Get right up in his grille and let fly with the axe. Still avoid the OOTA areas and hazards and watch for him to try to turn and 'sweep' his flipper under from the side.

The main goal is ultimately to land that big shot. I have three minutes to do it. He has to do something similar, with more negative variables, more times, while worrying about near-instant death. Make that worry a reality.
Good luck!
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