Blood Eagle vs Wheelosaurus

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Blood Eagle vs Wheelosaurus

Post by Madman » Sat Apr 18, 2020 5:42 pm

Blood Eagle: 4/2/1/16/7
Wheelosaurus: 6/4/1/12/7 (+2 wedge)

1) He doesn't have the speed to box rush or avoid my weapon, nor the control. He doesn't have the torque to outpush me.

2) I deal beyond catastrophic damage anywhere that I hit him. Even shock damage is catastrophic if I hit a corner/edge.

3) He needs to maintain contact with the same spot on my bot for an extended amt of time to deal damage. Meanwhile, I have a spinning blade of doom and can't be high-ended.

4) His wedge has hard corners that I can catch.

Start as an overcutter (so upside-down), spin up, and move out. I don't wanna risk being trapped in my corner somehow or lots of random rebounds. After that, it's all about keeping my weapon facing him and being extremely aggressive in landing that killing blow. Avoid the hazards or being baited into them, watch for him to turn against my weapon torque (move in immediately or hook backwards to cut this off or re-present my front to him). If he defies the laws of physics, common sense, and engineering and survives the first hit without taking serious damage, run away in reverse to spin back up. I still deal catastrophic damage at less than full power. The moment I'm back up tae speed, back on the attack with rabid aggression.


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