Spinnerfood vs Hoarfrost

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Spinnerfood vs Hoarfrost

Post by hide » Mon Apr 13, 2020 10:41 pm

So Laz will probably engage in a aggressive "I'll probably PWN this guy all over the place" type strategy, and I hope he does it and then figures out that it won't work as well as he think it will. Santalego isn't a standard 8/7/4 brick, and it's plow config handicaps it because that 1 power-thing probably won't be able to handle me well enough, meaning it'll have to rely on pure drive to handle me, which typically doesn't work well against HUGE clones: see Hypershock vs HUGE. So he'll go in thinking "man what a easy matchup", and probably/hopefully not adjust for my quicker speed and great control. And as I always say:


Anyways, I'm going to rely on him being aggressive in typical Laz style. He'll underestimate me, and I'll try to get him to do that by driving cautiously and being strategic. Basically, I'm baiting him to be Laz, and Santalego will respond eagerly (hopefully). I'll reposition to get the best shot, and BAM. I'm hoping that this time, this fight will truly be a one-shot deal.

If not, reposition and do it again.

Keep away from hazards (duh).

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Re: Spinnerfood vs Hoarfrost

Post by Madman » Mon Apr 13, 2020 11:40 pm

Hoarfrost: 8/7/3/1/11(+2 plow)
Spinnerfood: 5/5/1/14/5

If we really wanna nitpick, there's nothing visible on his bot to stop him from just gerbiling in place and not driving, but anyways... sketchfab kinda fucked up my render too so the flipper's not super visible, so glass houses and stones.

Anyways, while this is not a gimme match, I do have a 13 armour plow vs 14 armour weapon. If he manages to defy physics and slip around or over once or twice, it'll probably be after a deflection and he won't be at full power. Worse comes to worst, he's not +6 and isn't getting corner damage, so I can probably survive a couple stray hits. If flipped, drive somewhere safe before self-righting.

So, the main plan here is aggression. We're even in control (thanks to the HDPE wheel traction nerf) and I'm way ahead in everything else. I'm keeping my plow facing him, shoving it into his weapon specifically with ruthless aggression, and flipping him only when I'm 100% under. Bully him into walls and the drums, adding height in the latter case by using the flipper. He can't monstertruck my tall plow, so watch for him to j-hook or jackknife. His winning tactic is to bypass my plow somehow. S-turn (first with him and then bringing him around like you do when your car is skidding) to bring him back under control. Overall, I want to apply as much flexing as possible to those wheels and let them get chewed up chunk by chunk and caught in the gaps between the drums. I also want to force stress loads onto the one narrow point connecting the two sides of his lightly-armoured body: his weapon axle. Also note that there is next-to-zero clearance between it and the two sides of his chassis. Flexing will have bad results. Smother his ass. Hazards top priority, just smushing him against walls and stalling his weapon second.

He might try spinning in reverse to 'climb' my wedge. First, the angle will pop him up and back when he does that. Second, that's actually kinda great for me. As the lower seed, he starts in the purple square, with the OOTA wall to his back. I'm box rushing him. I'm keeping him with his back facing the wall and within 7 feet or less as much as I can if he runs in reverse. There's a legit chance he self-OOTAs.

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