linkinparknumb.mp3.exe vs KILL 'EM ALL

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linkinparknumb.mp3.exe vs KILL 'EM ALL

Post by V900 » Mon Apr 13, 2020 6:37 pm

V900 wrote: Wed Dec 11, 2019 6:37 pm Heavyweight:


Speed: 5
Torque: 1
Traction: 3
Armor: 7
Weapon: 14

Armor: 10 (+3 front)
Weapon: 11


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Now that flails have actual rules behind them, I can slap these bad boys on literally whatever I want.

Whenever the hammer swings, the hammerhead will hit first, then the flail soon after. This effectively means that the hammer can hit twice per swing. The hammer itself has a +1 damage bonus by virtue of being a hammer, but the flail portion receives a -1 damage debuff to cancel it out.

Plows are removable if using the 7/14 setup, doing so tilts the center of balance back toward the rear wedges. They are NOT removable when using the 10+3/11 setup, however.
Shaba117 wrote: Wed Dec 11, 2019 5:27 pm HW: KILL EM ALL

Random ARC'er: "Whoa, hey, where's Death M....?"
Me: "Oh, just sulking in the corner of the workshop because the bricks were beating up on it in the last tournament" :P
"Don't worry, it'll be back, though"

In the's another bot out for blood!

KILL EM ALL Rev C by Shaba117 on Sketchfab

Anti-HS plow config

5/4/1/10/10 (+2 plow)


Also a forked config with a more powerful hammer.


Plow/forks are hinged and hammer is capable of self-righting
14 wep + plows for me, forks for kill em all

Granted, wedge setup doesn't actually matter all too much since we're both just trying to hit the other guy once. And, you know, I have a long flail on the end of my hammer. I have far and away the better range.

And as such, a lot of the stuff I mentioned versus Fork Bomb (another overhead weapon with a similar statline that I outranged and clobbered) applies here as well:
V900 wrote: Sat Mar 28, 2020 11:18 pm
bait him into firing his hammer
Don't fall for it lol 4head
Best bet is that she's gonna do the thing where he drives up almost in range, but then backs away last minute. Just keep on trucking forward in that case, if my flail doesn't hit her then my actual hammer will. And she's not gonna like the +1 damage it deals.
pussyfoot it until he fails a traction check
I'm mostly just driving toward the opponent without much fancy turning on my end, so no dice.
We have the same speed. I'll catch up eventually.
Additional things of note:
  • The longer forks actually decrease KEA's effective range slightly compared to the plows. This could be reason to believe Shaba's going for some mega bigbrain 2 zillion IQ strat, in which chase I guess watch out for that? But idk dude it just seems like a suboptimal choice. The plows would've had a chance at blocking my hammer a little bit, as opposed to the forks which let me hit your chassis top for free.
  • While I don't need to weapon to weapon collisions to beat my opponent, I'd win out anyway. I take 1 damage while she takes 2.
  • +2 shock damage btw, that makes for (14-8)/2 = 3 + 2 = 5 at minimum. Enjoy your blown-out weapon motor after a single hit.
tl;dr hit her with one of these


gl hf

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Re: linkinparknumb.mp3.exe vs KILL 'EM ALL

Post by Shaba117 » Mon Apr 13, 2020 11:32 pm

Fork config

Starting in green square

-We have equal speed/torque, but I have +1 traction advantage and LPN will be more prone to over/understeer with -2 speed/traction difference. Also, as it was shown in its match vs Xtreme Pneumatix, LPN has a tendency to 'jump' when it fires its hammer/flail weapon; that is a *ton* of torque on a short 2WD chassis (not to mention that the flail itself is prone to getting caught up under the bot's chassis/wpn arm/etc.). Also, LPN's hammer takes 2 whole seconds between firings, which gives me time to maneuver and take advantage. I also deal 6 damage + 3 shock.

-Start out of my square towards LPN and fake an angle-in attempt to get LPN to fire the weapon and allow the flail to hit my forks if need be, then rush in when LPN is unstable from the impact of its own weapon. Scoop it up on my forks and wail away with the hammer. Back off if LPN gets free, then reset for subsequent attacks. Combine my traction advantage to outmaneuver/avoid direct & repeated strikes from his weapon(s).

-Secondary strat: Stay near my end of the arena and draw LPN to fire its weapon towards the light cycles. Its flail is long enough that it can get caught up in the drums and deal some damage/toss it around/buy me time/get points. If I end up on the OOTA end, do the same - that wall should be low enough that his flail could get caught on it and I can use that to wail away on him some.

-Tertiary strat: Aggressively bait LPN into firing its weapon, then bring my hammer point down on the flail chain and drag LPN around/maybe even break the chain itself. And/or use my hammer to 'block' his weapon (I have +1 wpn armor over LPN).

Last ditch: Full aggro mode/whack-a-mole match - KEA is large and boxy which means that my internals are a lot more spaced out than LPN's. It will take a *lot* to completely immobilize me. Also, if I see that I'm about to take a direct hit, jam it in reverse and spin in place. If anything, my forks can snag his flail chain and jerk him around some.

Keep out of being cornered/don't get caught in hazards/etc.

GL Noah!

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