Vexed! Round 1: Omicron32 and Vivace vs Taskmaster V5 and Blue Max II

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Vexed! Round 1: Omicron32 and Vivace vs Taskmaster V5 and Blue Max II

Post by Hiicantpk » Sun Apr 12, 2020 1:44 pm

Omicron32VivaceVSTaskmaster V5Blue Max II
Speed: 7Speed: 7|Speed: 8Speed: 3
Traction: 6Traction: 6|Traction: 7Traction: 2
Torque: 4Torque: 4|Torque: 3Torque: 1
Weapon: 2Weapon: 0|Weapon: 0Weapon: 16
Armour: 11 (+1 Plow/Front of Lifter)Armour: 13|Armour: 12 (+2 Wedge/Forks)Armour: 8
Note: Configs/Wedges shown in this table may not reflect the configs/wedges being used in the match.
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Re: Vexed! Round 1: Omicron32 and Vivace vs Taskmaster V5 and Blue Max II

Post by attackfrog » Sat Apr 18, 2020 6:31 pm

Vexed! Round 1: Omicron32 and Vivace vs Taskmaster V5 and Blue Max II

I'm going to use the RP tag here but I know it's not going to reveal things until five hours after the deadline for this tournament. So either one of the other people in this fight can use it to make my thing show up or you can wait I guess. Or let me know and I'll take it out. I think Hii can maybe do that anyway. So yeah. On with the RP!

Omicron32 is using its (non-plow) lifter configuration.

I'm going to focus mostly on Taskmaster at first. It's a little faster, but not so much so that it should make very much of a difference. It's almost certainly going to be using its forks, but the small teeth on the edge of Omicron's lifter should balance that out and give us equal wedging priority when I press the lifter. If Taskmaster gets under Omicron it'll have a hard time pushing me around since I have more torque. If Omicron gets under it I can lift and shove it into the various hazards.

Vivace's going to be tanking Blue Max. Since I have the lower armor I'll be the target Blue Max will want to go for, but I'm confident that Vivace can control it until Blue Max knocks itself on its side and becomes unable to move (it'll have two of its arms and the side of its wheel resting on the ground.) I'll be happy to help it do that if I have an easy opportunity to make it happen.

From there Vivace and Omicron can team up against Taskmaster and prevent it from trying to right its teammate. We'll do this by shoving it into the hazards and trying to strand it against the wall.

Things to watch out for: getting bootysmacked by Blue Max (I'll drive carefully and use my twice-as-fast-as-Blue-Max speed to avoid it), getting pushed into hazards (my torque should protect me from that and I have the armor to withstand them), getting double teamed (Vivace should protect me from this), Vivace getting stranded somehow (running into it should free it), Blue Max flying across the arena towards me after a big hit (I'll helpfully tip it on its side.)

GLHF all!

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Re: Vexed! Round 1: Omicron32 and Vivace vs Taskmaster V5 and Blue Max II

Post by Wolf51-50 » Sat Apr 18, 2020 6:37 pm

Bellbound wedge

We're gonna take this battle one on one. If Taskmaster is hiding behind Blue Max, weed em out by slamming into Blue Max to separate them. I'll be taking on Blue Max and Omicron will be taking on Taskmaster.

Since Blue Max has such a long base to turn with and a tiny turning base, he doesn't have much room to do much else other than keep him in front of me, which is what I want. Take the big hits on the front plow and make him go absolutely nuts after each hit. Only take the really strong hits on the plow and keep them head on. Once he is slowed or stopped, pin him and try to shove him onto the dustpan bar portion of the wedge. He's really gonna struggle spinning his weapon or driving off of there. Carry him around to the pulverizers do deal some sort of damage. Slam him hard into the wall to release him. If I can't stop his weapon, try to bounce him towards the OOTA zone and use his KE to hurdle himself out. By this point, either I'll have Blue Max OOTA or out of commission, OR Omicron will have taken care of Taskmaster. For Blue Max, keep the same tactics. If Taskmaster is still in this, take turns with Omicron pushing Taskmaster around. If he wedges Omicron, counterwedge underneath him and push him away. Angle into the forks when getting underneath. Try to send him into some hazards while at it. Jack can probably call the shots on what happens to Taskmaster.

Good luck

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Re: Vexed! Round 1: Omicron32 and Vivace vs Taskmaster V5 and Blue Max II

Post by hide » Sat Apr 18, 2020 7:12 pm

1. Both bots are 7 speed, and since we're LWs in a HW arena, they aren't pulling off a full fledged box rush before Blue Max
reaches "fuck you" speeds.
2. Omnicron32 gets one-shotted if Blue Max reaches past it's front, and even if Blue Max doesn't, Blue Max still deals 4 damage to
Omnicron and thus it gets cucked anyways (+ thrown a fair distance)
My point is Omnicron is the weak link in the other opponent's team, and gets damaged easily. Now it does have a lifter, but as Alex told me, it does "diddly squat" and isn't exactly powerful. So, I feel confident leaving Blue Max and Omnicron to duke it out, alone.

Now what about Vivace?

Yes, Vivace has 13 armor. Yes, it has 4 torque. However: the same problem still remains:

It's a LW in a HW arena, and cannot drive quickly enough to interfere with Blue Max, the primary threat (for them). And when you factor in my strategy, it gets worse:

This match, I'll be running interference: keep away Vivace from Blue Max. He has 4 torque, yes, I know, but that's only 1 more than me and I outspeed him. Since I'm running forks, I also have a superior wedge to Vivace and, as previously stated I'm faster. I'll approach at a slight angle and SLAM into Vivace, hopefully driving it into a hazard/a wall. I'm not aiming for a KO/OOTA, but to distract Vivace as long as possible. Basically: attack, pin, attack, pin. KEEP. THE. HEAT. UP. Even if I'm flipped, I'm invertable (and since I'm running forks, my wedge functions inverted too) and can recover, and get right back to assaulting Vivace. I'll leave Omnicron to Blue Max.

I'll keep Vivace occupied, and once Omnicron is dealt with, I'll run guard-duty for Blue Max. Vivace is still a threat then, but it takes some damage and now has to deal with being on the receiving end of a 2 v 1. Basically: harass Vivace, get under, pin, get under and FEED to Blue Max. We may not be able to get a outright KO Vivace, but we'll control it, damage it and score a JD.

Anyways, GL
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Re: Vexed! Round 1: Omicron32 and Vivace vs Taskmaster V5 and Blue Max II

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Apr 18, 2020 7:37 pm

a. We can deal deal significant damage. They can't.

b. We have the fastest single bot in this fight: basically something that does what they do, only better.

c. You don't see many x-axis spinners. Not many bots have a real plan for countering them aside from something something instability. Use this to my advantage to attack in unexpected ways and negate the usual anti-spinner counters.

Their ideal matchups are Omicron focusing Taskmaster and Vivace focusing me. Taskmaster's the fastest bot here, though. He'll run interference constantly to help me avoid being smothered. He's going to intercept Vivace and leave Omicron to me as much as possible. Even if he finds himself in a 2v1 for a few seconds before I catch up, they can't really hurt him. If he wedges them, their torque's halved and he can push. As I approach, pick a target of opportunity (they'll probably expect me to rush Omicron) and smack into its wheels while it's dealing with Taskmaster or force it to flee and lose aggression and control.

Added to Taskmaster's interference, use my colossal ground clearance, tons of empty space, and ability to hit from weird angles to avoid being easily pushed around and traditionally smothered. Even if he runs his plow, there's no good reason that I can't just monstertruck Vivace. An x-axis spinner also hits those narrow side pontoons of his from just the right direction for corner damage. He traps me in his really low dustpan? I drive or reverse out and smack his wheels from an angle they're not meant to be attacked from. Don't be afraid to start sideways. Give them my flank. Turn a bit to slam my bar into their sides as they try to push my awkward shape. Spin in reverse (if there's no self-OOTA risk) to slam down on the top lip of Vivace's plow or Omicron's pontoons from their vulnerable (non-angled) side. Omicron's extremely vulnerable to me so, whenever I have a window (possibly from Taskmaster's interference), go at him hard and make him run away or take a bad hit. Feast on the sweet corner damage that their ample weird angles and my problematic spin direction allow.

If I ever get flipped on my side, my weapon torque and mashing the throttle in the right direction will right me. It's not pretty, but it's worked for other x-axis bots.

Best of luck!
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