CBC MW R6: Dragonfist vs. Momma Bear

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CBC MW R6: Dragonfist vs. Momma Bear

Post by Rocket » Sun Apr 12, 2020 1:20 pm

Dragonfist (Flail Meta Best Meta) (3-1)
Speed: 3 | Traction: 1 | Torque: 1 | Weapon: 16 | Armour: 9 | 4WD | FBS Wedge

Momma Bear (One Grumpy Bear Wedge, Two Laughing Cow Triangles) (4-0)
Speed: 4 | Traction: 2 | Torque: 1 | Weapon: 0 | Armour: 13 | 2WD | Static Wedge
Santi & Ella-Louise FFS What Trailer Trash Garbage Person Names Their Kids This Shit:-
Speed: 8 | Traction: 7 | Torque: 1 | Weapon: 2 | Armour: 2

We're both limited tactically in this fight. Jules loves to use Momma as a shield; I love to stay spun up. This is a bad matchup for Jules though, and I'mma tell you why.

Using Momma as a shield to tank big weapon hits is fine when those weapons have a limited effective range, because then the minibots can get to where the weapon isn't. You can't do that with a shell spinner unless you either get the shell stopped or make it Maulerdance everywhere. That has to be her game plan because even if the minibots try and box-rush, they have two armour and will be absolutely trashed even by a half-speed hit.

My plan is to get away from the walls immediately while spinning up. Momma can't box rush, and it also can't weather the storm from the flails for too long. See, that's the thing about flails, they hit hard-to-reach places like wheels, and even with 13 armour they take 4 damage straight off - and since the wheel sides are simply flat bits without any curved guards, DF's flails deal corner damage and THAT bumps the damage up to 6. That's an instant wheel loss. Even if it's not, I still want to constantly aim for the wheels, clattering away at them and impeding Momma's mobility. I want to circle around Momma as much as I can, describing wide arcs and forcing her to make turns to expose her wheels to the flails if she wants to get in closer. Our control ratio is the same and Momma's drive is only barely better than DF's. Eventually the wheel hits will add up and Momma will be immobile. After that it's chase after the minibots and hope for them to suicide on the shell teeth.

If Momma does get in close, back off diagonally in the direction of the furthest wall and curve around towards the centre of the arena. I'm a shell - she can't tell at a glance which way I'm gonna go. If I impact Momma and slow down, that's okay, Momma will get thrown to one side and even a partial spin is enough to destroy the twins. If I start coining, keep spun up at maximum to be unpredictable. If the minibots try and chainflip, they'll risk being carved up by the shell or mashed by the flails.

Fun fact: this is actually a rematch from Reckoning: Evolution! Hopefully things go a bit better this time.

Good luck, Jules, and have fun.
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Re: CBC MW R6: Dragonfist vs. Momma Bear

Post by Killjoy » Mon Apr 13, 2020 11:23 pm

Momma's Home Cookin': 4/2/1/0/13 - - 8/7/1/2/2 x2

Bad Dragon: 3/1/1/16 (-1 flail penalty)/9

Dragonfist's scoring solid hits and knocking things and her one traction self back, or she's not really scoring much knockback because flails. Figure out how much of each in our first few meetings and adjust my driving style accordingly. Momma also has a perfect angled shape to deflect the flails (which already struggle with bite) and flat sides that won't take corner damage. Mainly, she has enough armour that her wheels won't just get torn off. Dragonfist does negligible (2) damage.

Momma takes point obviously. Cubs stay out of the way until they have an opportunity. That's predictable, but so's she. She'll spend most of the fight trying to avoid getting smothered, to pile up damage on Momma's wheels, and opportunistically kill the cubs. Her flails are actually pretty short, though, and Momma's as wide and long as a full-weight bot because she's so flat. Almost all of Dragonfist's shots should deflect harmlessly up off my sloped sides and top.

I'm not going to play cute. I'm coming straight at her, pushing through the flails or making her recoil, and wedging her or forcing her to run. Ever notice all the wall impacts shells take that aren't just hockey pucking? They're round and it's not intuitive to quickly see which direction they're facing, even with a srimech pole. Add her flails being almost invisible at high speed and the narrowness of the arena and there's a lot of potential for her to make mistakes and hit a wall or the drums, especially if I'm rushing right at her and applying pressure.

Use my better driving to get her between me and the drums and into that area. Ram her there, ricochet her there, bait her there with the cubs. It doesn't matter. As soon as her flails hit those drums, there's so much that can go wrong. An out of plane hit will make her coin and/or slow or get a flail sucked into the drums. That's when the cubs do their thing, with Momma helping. tangle her chains on her body, pole, or the drums. Get the srimech pole stuck in the drums. Stack her so she can't self-right. As soon as she's at 6 power or less, keep her that way. No pins needed. The cubs can play catch. Momma can clean up their mistakes and keep Dragonfist on the back foot. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

Good luck :)

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