Defenestrator vs. Killer Queen (CBC4 HW Week 6)

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Defenestrator vs. Killer Queen (CBC4 HW Week 6)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Fri Apr 10, 2020 9:20 pm

Defenestrator: 7/6/2/4/11 (+1 front pontoons and forks)
Killer Queen: 6/5/1/7/11 (+2 flipper)

First of all do NOT approach him with my back to the OOTA wall, and if possible not to the wall drums either. I know he’s got the power for long-range OOTAs; don’t line myself up for him. Be aggressive, and try to follow the inevitable circle-strafing and attack his front. If he strafes to get me between him and the wall, use my better speed and acceleration to deny him engaging in that position, and keep moving so I’m towards the side walls. Try to only attack from at least 10-15’ from either end of the box.

If I’m wedged, reverse off, or J-turn to avoid getting close to hazards. Self-right ASAP if flipped. Note: my pontoons are hinged too and could wedge-lock him.

This is in theory sort of like Dreadnought where his entire front is just flipper and he can force my clamp open. In practice, his flipper is powerful but its range of motion is very limited. It will have trouble actually making efficient contact, and when it does all he can do is break my grip. He might still be wedged, which is always not great for Mecanums, it looks like his wheels don’t stick out the back. If he does escape he’s got a raised flipper now. Pursue him, clamp him again, repeat.

I know KQ’s marginal on self-righting at its full power, and has limited gas. Making him waste all his flips trying to get out of my clamp is just as good as making him do so self-righting. I don’t have to flip him early in the match. However, push him into the wall drums whenever I can: they can overturn him, and can do some damage to his wheels especially.

If he’s consistently breaking out of my clamp, then after 1-1/2 to 2 minutes leave it CLOSED and use the weapon solely as a lifter! When it’s closed the forks still stick out in front of it, including the barbs, so it is usable as a lifter! Wedge, lift quickly to get him propped on his back corner, turn him over, and repeat until he’s too weak to self-right or time runs out.

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Re: Defenestrator vs. Killer Queen (CBC4 HW Week 6)

Post by hide » Mon Apr 13, 2020 9:24 pm

Defenestrator: 7/6/2/4/11 (+1 front pontoons and forks)
Killer Queen: 6/5/1/7/11 (+2 flipper)

Yare yare stats are fairly boring as we have the same control (although he slightly outspeeds me). He does have a advantage in torque, but by 1 point: he's not going to be pulling off Vindicator-style tricks or anything. As with most of my matchups, I have a stronger weapon. HFL will probably write some long winded explanation about how it doesn't work and is in fact inoperable, but it was written as decently powerful in other fights and has point-investment, so it should work just as well in this fight. I maintain that I have proper mecanums, which helps me with maneuverability. Besides that, YAWN. Let's just get to the strategy proper.

My main goal is to be strategically aggressive as well as being normally aggressive: mixing up between the two. In order to catch him off guard, I'll try to trick HFL by pulling the ol "angle in"/"strafe to the side" trick, but actually setting him up for a head on charge, (hopefully) catching him by surprise. Fire, recover from the inevitable faceplant quickly, and strafe away/reposition to a better location as quickly as possible.

From there, I'm not going to go for the OOTA because Killer Queen is apparently incapable of getting one, but instead my goal is to keep HFL off his feet for the rest of the match: strafe unpredictably, go for his vulnerable areas (NOT outright angling in but more targeting his side wedges), really being "aggressive but strategic" or "strategic but aggressive" or whatever. Basically, manuvering carefully but aggressively while disorienting HFL as much as possible.

Anyways GL HFL
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