CBC4 FW Round 6: Finishing Move vs CIRCUITZ

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CBC4 FW Round 6: Finishing Move vs CIRCUITZ

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Apr 04, 2020 9:44 pm

Finishing Move: 8/7/1/11/3 - +1 WAB bonus to the flipper

CIRCUITZ: 10/8/4/5/3

Her speed edge is very small and I'm actually the better controlled bot. She can strafe? Well, I can too. I can also obliterate her in one hit. She does not have the speed to avoid that hit for the entire fight while mounting any kind of offense of her own. Be ready and willing to do an over-the-back. If I need to, vary approach speed and last-second strafe to bait her into misfiring. The main thing, though, is to just keep her far away from her win condition: the OOTA zone (and kind of the house robots). Get into the central area, stay mobile, throw in lots of movement - especially side-to-side - to draw some oversteer out of her, and hyper-aggressively try to hit her. One or two hits: that's all I need. Drive smart, drive aggressively, and go out and get them.

Good luck!
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Re: CBC4 FW Round 6: Finishing Move vs CIRCUITZ

Post by Killjoy » Sun Apr 05, 2020 12:00 am

Uhhhh, spin2win?

Seriously, just stay in my area. I need to OOTA him or get him into house robots. If he comes to me, just go for the flip. It'll probably mess my 5 armour flipper up real bad, but he'll go down the disposal chute or into Doctor Cadaver's claws. Even if doc holds back, Finishing Move has THREE ARMOUR? What kind of nincompoop puts 3 armour on their bot!?

If he doesn't, he'll probably lurk a bit outside. Avoid for a while until he starts expecting me to never emerge. Then, without warning, strafe right the hell out when his back or side is to the Lobotomizers and chuck him in there. Let it do catastrophic damage to him and/or smother his weapon. Pounce on him the second he's out, flip him, cart him to the OOTA zone or housebots, and do the thing. If he's not up to full power, my flipper can actually tank a few hits.

Good luck...

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