Broken Tooth vs Thieving Magpie

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Broken Tooth vs Thieving Magpie

Post by Archangel » Sat Apr 04, 2020 5:23 pm

TM: Speed: 7 / Traction: 7 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 5 / Armor: 10 (bottom half of flipper for weapon armor bonus)

BT: Speed: 6 / Traction: 4 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 13 (1 of weapon armor bonus to arm) / Armor: 6 (+2 weapon assembly) - FORKS, rear wedge on


about the same speed, significant control disadvantage, deal decent damage (especially since one hit is usually going to lead to 2 or 3). forks give me a better chance of getting under straight on, and having 3 independent "forks" (weapon and the two side hinged ones) mitigates her ability to successfully angle in. if she gets under one side, I can try to conterturn into her and get a different fork under instead - or I could j-hook, or move straight back. mix these approaches up to keep her off guard, and in general try to take advantage of the distance between my wedges and body to get her on the back foot - she's not gonna be super effective until she's all the way under me (and even then she barely pushes at all lmao).

this is functionally flipper vs flipper, so I dont really want to be starting any fights in the starting square zones - I'd love to finish them there, since I have fantastic snowball potential in those little areas (as shown with me managing to catch a win against golden MADD of all bots), especially if I can keep her inverted with her lack of invertability. if she tries hiding in her starting area, set up to engage her once she gets near the doors: it'll force a head-on, giving me the highest chance of success.

ya know if this arena was not a clusterfuck I'd be able to try out hammersawing more frequently. as it is I'm relegating it once more to only being used if I can get her pinned up against a wall upside down - set up so when she self rights im behind her in such a position that I can get under her wheels with my wedge. hammersaw, keep the arm down as a clamp, and escort to nearest housebot or hazard. EXCEPTION: if she's really blowing me out with angling in swap to the rear wedges and full hammersaw action: those wedges are wider and mitigate angling in a lot better.

if/when I get flipped, start trying to self right with the flipper immediately. I'll probably go flying because spinning vert, but if I dont know where I'm going neither does she. use it to create space for me to get back onto my wheels without getting harrassed if the first try doesnt right me.


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Re: Broken Tooth vs Thieving Magpie

Post by Shaba117 » Sat Apr 04, 2020 9:52 pm

Broken ToothThe Thieving Magpie
Speed: 6 Speed: 7
Traction: 4 Traction: 7
Torque: 1 Torque: 1
Weapon: 13 (1 wpn arm bonus to arm) Weapon: 5
Armour: 6 (+2 wpn assembly) Armour: 10
Config: Forks + rear wedge Config: N/A
Starting in purple square

Biggest advantage out of the gate for me is my perfect control versus his average control. I may not cleanly outgun BT, but I should be able to come out on top in a close-quarters turning battle, which will likely end up happening at some point.

As a vert, BT can throw me further than I can flip. With that, I will change strats and not go for an early OOTA and put myself at risk of being sent OOTA. I will mainly rely on my control advantage and use of the other arena hazards here.

First, back up slightly from my square and wait to see where/if BT approaches - go through the opening opposite of the one that BT takes and approach at a slight angle. If BT turns head-on, then I'll turn at an opposing angle. Keep doing this and see if BT slips up/over/undercorrects, then go in and pop the flipper under the front corners between wedges and wheels - chain flips as much as possible. If I can't get an angle, back up and try a few times more.

Note: I assume that BT will approach forks-first. If he leads with the wedge, bait him into coming just into range for his weapon to come down, then pop the flipper (maybe try reversing the first few times to throw him off more). That should be enough energy to upset his balance/toss him on his back - chain flips afterwards.

If that fails, try to bring the fight closer of the main arena's walls/corner hazards where BT will have more trouble maneuvering cleanly. The hazards should be able to do some decent damage to BT's 6 chassis armor if caught up in them. Keep bullying him in these corners as much as possible.

Desperation time - If down to a minute or less, bait BT into chasing me into one of the wings and use whichever house robot to do some serious damage to BT while keeping myself far enough from the OOTA zone (area is 24ft by 16ft - should be doable). Also, IO can use the privacy screen to try and outmaneuver BT that way.

Obligatory if flipped, self-right immediately. Don't get caught up in hazards/house robots. If out of gas, angle/wedge under as much as possible to stall any attacks, etc.

GL, Gabe!

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