CBC4 LW Round 6: Angry Bird: Seed Killer Gen II vs Puffy Cloud

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CBC4 LW Round 6: Angry Bird: Seed Killer Gen II vs Puffy Cloud

Post by Billy5545 » Sat Apr 04, 2020 8:27 am

We deal 6 damage anywhere else except the wedge, as well as 5 shock damage. In addition, they also have a lot of parts to get easy strike on should we get outwedged, like the weapon support, arm, top plate, and wheels. In addition, our hammer moves faster and can potentially wrench their saw arm up.

Start by approaching them in the center of the arena. Point our bot forward constantly and fire our hammer when we get a part of Puffy Cloud within our firing range. Also try to get under with our wedgelets, though if we get outwedged, execute another plan. First of, make it so that the saw won't line up with our hammer chain, but any other part. Second, start firing wildly at the arm or sticking out supports, hoping to disable Puffy Cloud with it. Also see if we can hit the top plate or wheels. Also, use the hammer hop to reduce impact from the hazards or opponent weapon. We basically want to be squirmy, making it difficult to keep holding on us to get consistent damage. Also see if we can block the saw arm movement with our hammer shaft movement.

Stay away from the hazards ourselves, drive well, and watch out for any tricks. If they try to circle or flank us, just keep our front pointed at them until they have to get under us. If they go straight on, then do the same while protecting our chain from being destroyed. Then start hammering.

Good luck Code

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