Killer Queen vs Tabor, CBC4

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Killer Queen vs Tabor, CBC4

Post by hide » Sat Mar 28, 2020 11:36 pm

KILLER QUEEN: 6/5/1/7/11, +2 wedge
Tabor: 6/4/3/7(5/5)/10, +2 wedge

So, a very key factor here is that Tabor has worse drive than me. Yes, it does have a torque advantage, and the turret can compensate somewhat, but it also has equal speed and -2 traction. If you look at Killer Queen's past record, it was consistently able to keep up with (and in some cases outdrive) 7/6 and 7/5 bots. Even if you say it doesn't have proper mecanums (which I'd dispute, as it was never noted by Alex or other competitors when posted in signups or discord), it is still significantly more maneuverable than Tabor as a bot.

However, some might bring up the turreted lifter, which is a factor. However, with 5 power, when not turning it is outright slower that Killer Queen, and when turning it is still only slightly faster than me.

So, even if Killer Queen's design is unoptimal, Tabor's drive is too slow to really take advantage of it (face planting or no). And beyond a turret and a lifter, what advantage does it have? Pressing reduces mobility and it has suboptimal armor stacking (only 12 armor on the plow and 8 base armor). Really, the turret is the main thing keeping this match even, and if I nullify it consistently, this match is perfectly winnable.

Anyways, I start in the green square, meaning Tabor's back is to the OOTA zone, which works in my advantage: I can use momentum and aggression to force Tabor to the OOTA zone (and of course flip it in there). Of course, I have to maneuver carefully, and stay away from the center of Tabor's wedge: the middle is forked, but everywhere else is flat vs flat. So, using my better maneuverability, I'll approach there and ONLY there if I can help it, keeping up aggression, getting under and firing the flipper. Even if I faceplant, I throw Tabor 7 feet and it has pretty bad recovery. Then you figure out that it's back is to a OOTA zone...yeah, the goal is to pressure Tabor via flips into a OOTA.

If we flip positions (i.e I face the OOTA zone), I'm going to strafe around Tabor, keeping a WIDE margin. Not angling in, but strafing so I am always in front of it, and Tabor is facing the OOTA zone. That's where I want Tabor to be for the match. And I'll keep it there.
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Re: Killer Queen vs Tabor, CBC4

Post by Rocket » Sun Mar 29, 2020 12:24 am

Killer Queen (Guaranteed To Blow) (2-1)
Speed: 6 | Traction: 5 | Torque: 1 | Weapon: 7 | Armour: 11 (+2 flipper) | 4WD Mecanums | Hinged Forked Wedge

Tabor Mark 4 (We Thought We'd Stopped Her Falling Over) (2-2)
Speed: 6 | Traction: 4 | Torque: 3 | Weapon: 7 (5 turret / 5 lifter) | Armour: 10 (+2 lifter) | 4WD | Type 5B Deflector Plate


Killer Queen's starting in the green section and Tabor is much quicker off the mark. Good. I can work with this. Here's the plan.

Start by rushing him down with the wedge skimming the ground. KQ likes to strafe around so I'll be expecting that. I want to track his movement with a combination of good driving and turret shenanigans and force a head-on collision. I've got way more torque and I can slide the forks of the 5B wedge in between the tiny little nublets on KQ very easily. Once I'm underneath him I want to get a solid lift quickly and turn him over. He's going to struggle to get momentum to get off my wedge if I get underneath him and I'll need to milk that advantage. Remember, his torque is worse because of his mecanum drive, so it'll take him several seconds to get off my wedge. Once he's over, he'll need to flip himself over to self-right or accept that his wedge isn't worth spit, so I expect to have him bouncing around a lot over the course of the fight.

My ideal scenario is shoving KQ into the Light Cycles, so that's my plan. They don't do a lot of damage, but this is a controlbot fight and I can't OOTA so this means I can actually score some damn damage points. It's also the safer option for me: Killer Queen's got a powerful flipper and I don't want to be on the receiving end of an OOTA. Stay the hell away from there. KQ sure as hell doesn't have the drivetrain to force the issue, especially not at the start. I refuse to get boxed in somewhere dangerous. Instead, I want to take the fight over to the Light Cycles and keep him there. Keeping him constantly battered by those hazards is perfect for me because his wheels are way more exposed than mine, and consistent 2 damage shots to them (which is 4 damage because wheels) is gonna mess up his drive something chronic. I want to keep him there and take the fights around there, because I can come back from the top edge of that part of the arena. I can't come back from an OOTA.

If he gets underneath my wedge, I have precious extra seconds to do what I can to get off it. J-hooking away from the OOTA zone is my best bet, because he can't flip me properly if all he's got purchase on is the scoop. I can get up to full speed in literally half a second, and while he can strafe, he'll still have to turn if he wants to get his wedge pointed at me, which means I can reset and counter-charge.

Good luck, Hide, and have fun. =]
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