Pizza vs Diablo Genesis 3

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Pizza vs Diablo Genesis 3

Post by Tcrrr » Sat Mar 28, 2020 9:22 pm

Pizza: 4/2/1/16/7
DG3: 7/6/4/3/10 (+3 front)

Basically, looking at it, my bot has the chance to do up to 9 damage to his chassis. I think I'll do about 4 shock damage to him every time I get a decent shot on his wedge, which will do 3 damage to his wedge.

This is really good for me, and really bad for him. I can get quite a few good hits in on him, which will eventually tear off his wedge, or kill his chassis from eventual shock damage.

At the beginning of the match, get to the center of the arena, and do whatever I can to stay in there. He's going to try and flip me around, and he doesnt quite have enough power for an OOTA either (He needs to have 4 power to OOTA, he has 3)
However, just because he doesn't have the power to OOTA, doesnt mean he can't control me around the arena.

I'll try to minimize his control over me by using my rather wide wheelbase to bait him into attacking my back or side, and then swing to him, hitting with the blade immediately afterwards.

If he ever tries to play the unwise decision and go clamp mode to take me around the arena, face him head on, and catch the corners of the front end that are uncovered when he lifts up. This should mean I can possibly 1 shot him if he ever decides to play such an idiotic move.

I'll keep in the arena for as long as possible, and if he's taking me to the wall (if its close to the center), keep at full speed to recoil HARD, which should create distance for me to hit him again, and wear him down with the blade.

When he pushes me, my wheels poke out the back, and I have quite a bit of ground clearance, so whenever he's pushing me around, I also could monstertruck over him (albeit at the speed of a tectonic plate).

Tldr: SPEEEN up to speed, wear him down via shock damage, and do the occasional tombstone-esque baiting to try and get some hits on his extremely weak chassis, which will be toast as soon as I get a good, solid hit on it at full speed. Stay in the center of the arena, and if I end up being controlled by him, try to monstertruck over him if possible. If not, simply keep at full speed until I hit the wall, then use the recoil to distance myself (unless I'm close to the OOTA zone, in which case I'll go at half power at most)
GL drew, may the best bot win
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Re: Pizza vs Diablo Genesis 3

Post by Wolf51-50 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 9:47 pm

Flipper, ABR

Keep him in front of me. He has a lot of speed in his blade, but his horizontal weapon lacks mass. Angle into the direction of the spin, while doing so in a rush to send him flying. The idea is to get him slowed and to flip him upwards to finishing stopping the blade. Once he has nowhere to run and his blade is stopped, clamp him. He might get one good shot on me, but after that I should be able to stuff him into a corner and keep him from spinning. Once I release the clamp, immediately go back in again. It's boring I know, but it's what's necessary for this. If he gets too far from the wall flip him back to his corner

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