CBC4 MW: Remi 4 vs Momma Bear

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CBC4 MW: Remi 4 vs Momma Bear

Post by Hiicantpk » Sat Mar 28, 2020 8:33 pm

Remi 4

Speed: 7
Traction: 6
Torque: 1
Weapon: 5
Armour: 11
Momma Bear:
Main bot:
4 speed /2 traction /1 torque /0 weapon /13 armour
8 speed /7 traction /1 torque /2 weapon /2 armour

Since Jules hasn't declared on discord, I'll say they're using Momma and the two small bots instead of Mackenzie.
Underwedge off

So funnily enough, I went for a control stat setup on Remi and I can still yeet the fuck out of these minibots and their two armour. Plus I have only 1 less speed and the same speed:traction ratio so it won't be easy for them to get away from me. With only 4 speed on the main bot and no weapon I can mostly ignore it.

I believe I start on the green side of this arena since I'm listed first on the fight card, so immediately charge and try to hit one of the minibots. If they're together maybe I can hit them both but they'll likely split up and try to flank. I am ok with giving one of the bots my side since I should still have the other side's treads on the ground if I get wedged which will let me continue on with the bum rush of one minibot.
Once that first hit happens, either I catch the minibot with my drum and throw it way back into the OOTA zone, or I ride up it, can still back up on the treads that stick out from my rear, and start chewing up the top side of it. With 2 armour and it being like 1/4 of my bot's weight it shouldn't take long to do some damage. Maybe I can kill a wheel, idk.
If/when I get flipped, the unpowered wheels keep my drum off the ground and I can continue business as usual. Be careful though, don't waste time reversing the drum if I'm at risk of getting chain flipped. Keep it running the wrong way so it can bring the teeth down vertically on the flippers and potentially damage their weak internals.
Overall just be careful of getting swarmed. Keep the fight moving so the main momma bear bot can't keep up and if I can throw both minibots oota.

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Re: CBC4 MW: Remi 4 vs Momma Bear

Post by Killjoy » Sun Mar 29, 2020 12:40 pm

His drum is weak enough that the cubs can tank it the same way a 13 armour wedge tanks a 16 armour spinner. This is still basically a fight against a five power flipper. It even does the same amount of damage to the cubs - just in a different way. He's probably going to have a lot of confidence in his speed and be willing to chase a cub. Maybe he'll make the same mistake that everyone makes and ignore Momma. I'll play it by ear and be ready to take advantage if he does either or both.

Higher ranked bot starts in the green square, I think. Zoom out at him with the two cubs in the lead. Split them up early, close enough to tempt him to try a 2 for 1 special but not close enough for him to pull it off. Keep Momma charging in after them, ready to play spoiler. If he chases one, have the other go straight for his side and flip immediately. Positioning isn't that important yet. I just need to break his rhythm and interrupt his plans.

Momma should catch up by the time he's in control again. She can shove her fat face under him and tee him up. Whichever way he hooks off or backs up, one of the cubs will be covering it. Flip him again. I'm aiming to leave him upside-down as much as possible. He can OOTA the light cubs, but when he's upside down he won't have his wedge to get under them and get bite. As long as the bears get under him, he'll just bounce up and back. Mostly just stay away from the low wall side, though.

If a cub gets yeeted, it'll fly far enough that I don't think he can catch up to it to chain it unless he's Usain Bolt or something. If he tries, though, the other cub can come up behind him and yeet him. The cub that gets flipped can drive both ways up. It should do that to get somewhere safer and try to get around his side while the other cub chases him. Whenever possible, Momma should be running interference too. If he's dealing with a cub or wasting time with positioning, she has an opportunity to catch up and get in his way. Wow this was a long RP. Sorry about that!

Good luck :)

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