Spinnerfood vs Lillyfrog and Jack Hammer

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Spinnerfood vs Lillyfrog and Jack Hammer

Post by patrickrowberry » Tue Mar 24, 2020 6:38 pm

spi: 5/5/1/14/5

lf 8,6,3,5,2

jack: 3,1,1,14,5(+2)

welp everything 1 shots here

2 questions is lilly to small for spin to hit (yes his bar is very small is scale ot is body and I am a cluster bot)

is jack tall enough to land a decent hit (nope)


this mi9ght be the most boring fight as I don't think either of us can do anything
all that matters is if jack can land a hit or not as my bot isn't pushing that thing anywhere and he wil ltarget it to let him come to jack while

lilly plays destraction going ofr the side
I mean I can try to flip this but I don't think that will work if it odes go for outa?

pray to the lords of rng we both kil leach other and lilly wins by last robot standing or i'm dead


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Re: Spinnerfood vs Lillyfrog and Jack Hammer

Post by hide » Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:58 pm

SPINNERFOOD: 5/5/1/14/5
LLF/JH: 8/6/3/5/2 and 3/1/1/14/5

Both of Pat's bots have substandard armor, a handicapped design owing to them being, y'know, Pat-made legobots, and thus I oneshot them. To be fair, Jackhammer oneshots me too, but I outspeed him by two, AND he has -2 traction. Unless I get too close, Jackhammer is a complete non-factor. And, obviously, I don't plan on getting close.

Lillyfrog is a bit more of a threat, because it's decently fast, but it also:
1. Has a shit wedge
2. Has a shit flipper
3. Has a grand total of 2 armor
If it tries to wedge me, I just turn and it gets fucked by my blade. If it tries to flip me, it fails miserably and gets fucked by my blade. If he runs away....well, he can't do anything, but I can't either (because of, y'know, speed advantage). But then again, I don't expect him to run, so it will most likely be a moot point.

So, in sum: they're both poorly designed bots I can one shot. Great!

Anyways, to my strategy: I'm going to focus on Lilly first and foremost. Jackhammer is useless if I avoid it, so he's going to rely on Lilly to control the fight because of his speed advantage. Which he does have, but he also has -2 traction and a pretty bad design. I also oneshot him, so he's gonna struggle mightily to flank while keeping away from the blade. So, as you might guess, I'm going to use that to my advantage. Im going to position to always keep the blade facing him, and in case he tries to push, get away and reposition again. Always keep the blade focused on Lilly, no matter what. This is my no.1 priority this match.

Of course, I need to focus on Jackhammer too, but as previously stated I will avoid it until I have dealt with Lilly, which shouldn't be too hard, as this is a LW-SHW arena and I very much outspeed Jackhammer. Anyways, as I said, I will avoid him until the other one is KOd, and then focus on him. I will stay a safe distance (i.e out of his hammer's range), and bait him WHILE avoiding the shots. He may think I plan to rush in, but instead I will maintain a SAFE distance until the end of the match.

Also, avoid hazards.

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