Shade Fist vs TSA2

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Shade Fist vs TSA2

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Mar 21, 2020 10:34 pm

I do 6 damage to him everywhere but the front panel, which is perfect because I can hit that fairly easily. My drivetrain disadvantage is mitigated by how this arena is laid out - I am guaranteed to be up to full speed by the time he's able to approach me through the barrier. Once I'm up to speed, I want to be out of that area like a bat out of hell, however. Because the areas laid out by the barrier also have the OOTA zones in them and that's never a good idea. I win the wedge-war, so keep facing him, get the drum under him and start chaining hits. 4-bars typically have unreliable self-righting, and with how much damage I'm causing there's a chance I could burst a Co2 tank relatively early in the fight and kill him for good. I doubt he'll have time to J-hook away considering how short my wedgelets are, but if he does, I expect he'll do the same thing more than once in a row if it works. so just chase him there the second time. Keep away from the hazards, obviously. Especially the OOTA zone. Once the match starts just stay out of the outer zones entirely.

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Re: Shade Fist vs TSA2

Post by GF93 » Sat Mar 21, 2020 10:38 pm

Wedge Tip ON, armour to front.

Shade Fist hits hard with decent speed and armour for what it is. My 12 armour to the front and flipper areas will be enough to tank it mostly, and I considerably beat it in terms of drivetrain overall: especially in manoeuvrability (no gyro on turns, etc.) and torque. That especially helps considering we're in a hazard/housebot-filled arena with OOTA zones (with a powerful flipper that can easily force him wherever I want), which benefits me greatly: and even his reversible drum can be turned against him by keeping up the pressure.

I'll be aggressive but strategic, actively forcing him onto the backfoot and stopping him mounting any offense. Move out quickly, attack from the sides/corners away from the drums and forks, get under, and flip. From there, get shoving: however, watch for any sudden movements and attempts to turn or gyro to my side/top, and be ready to dodge/counter accordingly. As long as we don't go directly head-on, I should out-wedge him more often than not.

When on the attack, force the advantage constantly! Keep either underneath or flipping him around as much as possible, forcing him into the hazards/housebots and squashing him into the walls/corners (especially the Bonesaws/Lobotomisers) to wear down the clock and deal significant damage whenever I have the chance. If I can, flip him over repeatedly and attack away from the drum to force him to gyro and repeatedly change the direction of his drum (when he gets flipped and has to adjust accordingly) as much as I can: it makes his movement more predictable, and I can accordingly attack as he's being forced to spin up repeatedly. If I've got an opportunity to flip him OOTA, by all means do so.

Defence mostly comes down to using good common sense, and giving him no opportunity to get underneath. Be aggressive, actively pursue him if he flees, limit his movement to near the walls/hazards, attack away from the drum/forks, keep the nose to the ground, and only flip when I'm definitely underneath. Conserve as much gas as possible for self-righting/OOTA attempts if I can, self-right and escape immediately if flipped, and make sure I can't be hit by hazards or housebots myself when I'm forcing him into them. Be especially sure to protect my wedge tip throughout, and go for the KO!

Good luck, Dylan!

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