Black Salvo vs Taipan

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Black Salvo vs Taipan

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Mar 21, 2020 10:13 pm

I have basically every advantage i need in this fight, with more speed and traction, equal torque, and a design that lets me escape his lifter fairly easily as long as he only gets under my hinged wedgelets.

Attack from an angle, scoop him up, follow where he might try to j-hook, and push him into a hazard or house robot, whichever's closer. the saws look especially nice if i can damage a wheel or something. his easiest wincon is to somehow j-hook off of me, get me side-on and push me into a housebot or something, so if he ever escapes I want to back off slightly and watch what he does. odds are, he'll do this same thing the second time he escapes me, and that'll be my cue to intercept and get a really good attack. as long as i stay aggressive and watch out for creative uses of his lifter to try and climb over me or something (if this does happen, reverse and attack while his wheels are in the air), there isn't a lot he can do to pull off a win. just stay wary of any hazard or house-robot camping, and don't get too cocky. there's three minutes for him to find a way to somehow cripple me before i do him, so don't give him any ideas.

If he does get under me, reverse off and j-hook away, always sure to mix up my direction and angle so he can't use my own tactics against me. i'm faster anyway but it doesn't hurt to keep up best practices.

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Re: Black Salvo vs Taipan

Post by GF93 » Sat Mar 21, 2020 11:17 pm

This'll be tricky, but by no means impossible. He's quicker, but I've got the advantage of an active weapon, am fast enough to keep up (especially predicting where he'll go and accordingly pressuring him) with enough torque to either force stalemates or overpower (lifting up his wheels), and his fork setup has no corner wedges: so it'll be more than possible for me to escape, counter or flank as necessary. Plus, I can OOTA him!

As long as I have some idea of where he's going and what he'll try (while picking out when he'll most likely try to feint), I can dodge, counter, and then force aggression myself. Move out quickly, watch to see where he comes from, and act accordingly in one of the following: 1) Force my way under from the side/corner, follow him if he tries to retreat, then lift/flip when I'm definitely underneath. 2) If he feints, don't fall for it and pursue him accordingly, watch for when he slows down to turn, then attack. 3) Dodge by reversing/j-turning/driving up and off one corner as needed, then counterattacking. Mix up each option for when he least expects it, and keep up the aggression myself so I'm not putting all the cards in his hands.

When I do gain the upper hand, keep a deathgrip on it! Stay underneath and shoving (preferably from the side/corner), lift and flip him over, and take advantage of his high side plates to stack him up against and/or squash him into the walls/hazards (especially the Bonesaws/Lobotomisers) to wear down the clock and deal serious damage. Lift under the body only (NOT THE FORKS) limit his movement to near the walls/hazards and force him into the CPZ/OOTA zones to take away his drive advantages, and use the arm for OOTA attempts any chance I get.

In any case, the most important things are to keep moving, staying laser-focused on where he is and where he'll try to attack from at all times, and just generally being as aggressive, slippery and unpredictable as possible throughout. Dodge, counter, keep the arm to the ground when I'm not underneath, generally aim for where he's going rather than where he presently is, self-right/escape immediately if flipped, avoid hazards unless using them myself, keep a cool head, and don't let him overwhelm me.

Good luck, Dylan!

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