Featherweight round 5: CIRCUITZ vs Nikkousen

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Featherweight round 5: CIRCUITZ vs Nikkousen

Post by Killjoy » Sat Mar 21, 2020 7:53 pm

Me: 10/8/4/5/3
Him: 7/5/1/2/9 x2

Step one: turn sideways in my square, with my front facing the house bot zone.
Step two: wait for the inevitable pincer move.
Step three: the bot coming in from behind me is probably less worried about being flipped.
Step four: reverse hard into it as soon as it comes through the opening.
Step five: I'm super low and my flipper reaches the whole length of my bot. Front-hinged flipper time!
Step six: OOTA him over the low wall. Normally, I throw them 10 feet. I don't even need a ton of bite.
Alternatively, if the other one is more vulnerable, go straight for it instead and let the house bot play with it a little.

So, the backbone of my plan is this:

- Use my four-directional movement without turning to evade them, mess up their swarming and pincer tactics and that 'have one follow the other and then split up' thing Hii likes to do, and attack them from angles and in ways they're not used to and might not expect.

- I'm very fast, torquey, and low-profile and can easily slide deep under them and play as a front-hinged flipper. Even when they flank me, my hinged skirts mean that them getting under isn't guaranteed. If one fails, strafe hard into it and side-hinged flip it over.

- Keep one of them busy self-righting and running back from 10 feet away, dealing with the lobotomizers, or getting smushed by house robots as much as possible so I can focus on the other.

- After flipping one, strafe to the side right away and circle strafe in an arc sometimes to thwart the other half's retaliation attempt.

- Flip one OOTA as soon as possible. I have an huge advantage in a 1v1. They can't even do more than 1 damage ramming. I'm so large and flat that they might not even flip me 100% over. If they do, I can safely run somewhere inverted and self-right.
Good luck :)

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Re: Featherweight round 5: CIRCUITZ vs Nikkousen

Post by Hiicantpk » Sat Mar 21, 2020 10:54 pm

What is this neon nightmare you have put me into

All wedgelets on both bots.

For once I'm glad there are anti-box rushing things. Start both bots back-to-back in my square, each pointed towards one of the entry points to my section of the arena. Still show movement so I don't get counted out, but watch which way Circuitz approaches. Have the other bot turn around while the bot closer to their approach charges at them as they come into my side. Angle if possible and try my best to get under their side wedge and get a cheeky flip.

Since they are a speedy speedy boy they may just be able to avoid my flanking attempts, so I need to use the choke points of this map. If I can throw them into the housebot zones that can get me some serious damage points or even just kill them outright considering the 3 armour. My flips will do 2 damage each so worse case I flip them around a bunch and rack up damage over time.

Try to keep the fight in my smaller area of the arena to reduce the maneuvering room for them to flank around me. If need be retreat one bot into the middle of the arena and back around into my section if its being chased and at risk. I don't want to get one stuck in the middle of the arena while the other is still in my area. If they push one of my bots under the lobotomizer, they'll have to hold for 3 seconds which should give time for my other bot to come around from behind and get a flip or otherwise push them under the hazard as well.

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