Blood Eagle vs The Thieving Magpie

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Blood Eagle vs The Thieving Magpie

Post by Madman » Sat Mar 21, 2020 7:03 pm

Blood Eagle: 4/2/1/16/7
The Thieving Magpie: 7/7/1/5/10

1) I do 6 damage anywhere except the inebulous 'bottom half' of her flipper, where it's 4. That's actually a lot, especially to the most essential part of her bot. A warped and gouged wedge'll struggle getting under my blade, and'll taking worsening corner damage from existing openings.

2) Flippers need bite to flip. How do you get bite on an undercutter? The moment her wedge tip touches my blade, we're breaking contact. She has to slow me WAY down to get bite on... what? my non-fixed-in-place blade? My awkward, spindly body?

3) She has to flip. She doesn't have the torque to push. That just lets me j-hook or escape. Her poor acceleration (equal to mine) also makes chasing me down harder than with a similar speed 3-4 torque brick.

First, get out of my starting area with its housebots and OOTA zones. Basically, only use the privacy screen for a guaranteed spin up at the beginning. When she picks one door, reverse out the other and pause there, blocking it. If she tries following me, I hit her flipper for four damage, knock her back into the starting area, and knock myself into the main arena, earning free spinup time. If she goes back the way she came, that takes time and loses aggression. Just position myself centrally, weapon facing her, and pay attention to spin direction and angle of impact to avoid recoiling into walls, and to create maximum separation and time to recover weapon speed post-hit.

1) Use my drivetrain. She's faster 9-6, but I'm not helpless. Full retreat, in reverse, whenever I'm not up to speed. Her acceleration's awful and she closes with only three speed. Full advance whenever I'm spun-up.

2) Once the pattern of advancing when spun up is reliably established, she'll start timing her flips. Go straight at her but reverse hard just as we meet. Bait the flipper misfire and dart forward for big damage.

3) Stay the hell away from walls, hazards, housebots, and especially OOTA walls. Flipping me into these is her win condition.

4) If she's trying to push me, j-hook off and swing my blade into her front corners. If she keeps not flipping, try a tombstone bait and torque-aided turn.

5) If inverted, try to hit above her lower-flipper armour bonus for 6 damage. If tombstone dancing, cut the weapon and go evasive.
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Re: Blood Eagle vs The Thieving Magpie

Post by Shaba117 » Sat Mar 21, 2020 10:40 pm

The Thieving Magpie: 7/7/1/5/10

Blood Eagle: 4/2/1/16/7 (high wpn config)

Tricky arena setup and definitely not conducive to box-rushing at all, but it is chock-full of tight spaces and hazards, which benefits me more than BE. I'm also expecting BE to begin inverted to gain as much height to hit above my weapon armored bottom half of my flipper, but with BE having such a low profile, it still won't give him the height needed, unless he rides up my flipper at near or full speed weapon, which I'll try to prevent. BE is like most high-KE HS and will easily gyro out of control when hit (as I know - been on that side of the DM/HH fence a few times now).

Initially use the privacy screen as a shield and wait for BE to get close, then draw him back towards the chute to attempt an OOTA/flip into the housebot zone. Use my control ratio to keep flipper on blade and aim for his right side (as his bar teeth shows that it spins counter-clockwise and there is nothing in the description about alternate weapon bars) so that he can't catch my sides. Also, just get my front just enough under his weapon and pop the flipper, don't risk BE riding up my front.

If BE wants to bait me towards his side of the arena, then come around the screen and feign a box rush, but stop short of just past the center of the arena and play around the lobotomizers to try to draw BE into that. Mainly I don't need to get him into the hazards, but getting him anywhere near walls/corners will be detrimental for BE to keep his long weapon bar at speed and I can really capitalize then. I really would like to keep the majority of the fight at the two areas behind the starting squares where I have a chance at causing an OOTA/housebot damage and prevent BE from just sitting out in the open center whenever I can help it. If all else, use my control accuracy and speed to kill his weapon momentum head-on and chain flips to maintain that momentum and aggressiveness. If out of gas, wedge him into anything that will stop his blade, but preferably hazards, while avoiding them, myself.

Get the early OOTA, stuff his weapon with controlled aggression, and drive smart!

GL, Laz!

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