The Act of Being Polite vs Magnolia Grande

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The Act of Being Polite vs Magnolia Grande

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sat Mar 14, 2020 11:13 pm

Putting the black thing on my bulkhead to act like an overcutter. If he runs inverted, I’ll run normally but if he runs upside down, I’ll run right-side up because I have the slight blade-reach advantage meaning I can just tear right into his chassis, and possibly disable the weapon early on. As soon as the match starts I’ll spin, up and approach when at full-speed.If he loses a wheel he won’t be able to function right whilst as an undercutter, the blade will be slashing at the floor and not spinning up, meaning I can just come in for the kill really. I have the feeling that this match could be a deflections game and I have the upper-hand anyway with at least some wheelguards on my bot, unlike those big, juicy, exposed wheels of his. If we ever do go weapon to weapon, I believe I may be okay, iirc I get a +4 bonus to my weapon and not only that but, his weapon, the blade, is the only thing getting the bonus, not the weapon shaft, that’s gonna bear the brunt of shock damage, meaning it could completely shear after a good hit or two. I wanna keep the match towards the centre of the arena but I also want to take a shot at deflecting him into the walls which wing be healthy for his bot at all. Keep myself spun-up at all times, always keep facing him blade first, never showing off anything else to him. ICEs have a tendency to stall, especially after massive impacts so anything weapon to weapon won’t be healthy for him.

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CBC4 MW Round 4: Magnolia Grande vs The Act of Being Polite

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Mar 14, 2020 11:21 pm

Magnolia Grande: 4/2/1/15/8 (+1 blade)

TAoBP: 4/2/1/16/7

1) I win weapon-to-weapon 4-3. It's not huge, but it means he'll probably start seeing ill effects from hits before me.

2) Magnolia Grande appears to have the range advantage. That potentially matters a lot here. I also have better ground clearance and a lot of space between chassis and blade, even with the upwards-teeth.

3) My large, grippy tires should do a bit better at countering knockback than his. The 'little dome-piece thing' directly attached to his bar will transmit more vibrations and interruption from the grooved wooden floor into his weapon than my unpowered trackball in the same position.

He could go overcutter or remove the black nub and go angled if he thinks he wins range. Either way, I'll be ready. Angling still brings his bar pretty low to the ground and he'll have a hard time avoiding weapon-to-weapon contact because of my upper-mounted teeth adding effective height to my blade and giving me a wider vertical striking range. Basically, there will be probably be shenanigans with two undercutters playing the flipping to overcutter or not game. Just eyeball it and play it safe: Weapon-to-weapon contacts favour me. Before the fight, remove my front 'figurehead' as my signup mentions so that I'm angled as well, sweeping fairly low to the ground. Basically, do what ensures weapon contact.

Tactically, I'd like to start the fight spinning into his spin direction instead of against it. More glancing blows favour my power curve and will still knock him around a bit. Pay careful attention to spin direction and angle of impact to try to force him into walls and corners while tossing me into open space. Take advantage especially if he's overcutter and I hit him from below. I ideally want to be hitting more from under him unless there's a good reason not to be. OOTA's are a threat here. If he's spun down or rotated so his blade isn't facing mine, come in for the kill on his chassis. I don't even have to be at full power. Spinners have drivetrains too. Use mine. He's probably aware than ICE can't reverse mid-fight. Save this for the right moment (if he's flipped and now spinning against me) to deal a really meaty hit he's not quite prepared for that might send him hard into a wall/corner or do some critical damage via shock loads.

Good luck.
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