Pizza 2 vs Momma Bear

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Pizza 2 vs Momma Bear

Post by hide » Sat Mar 14, 2020 8:08 pm

Pizza: 4/2/1/16/7
Momma Bear:
Santi & Ella-Louise: 8/7/1/2/2
Momma: 4/2/1/0/13
So it's ya boi HIDE RPing for Code because I'm bored, he wants somebody to ghost RP for him and I have two byes this week.
Anyways, a very important factor here is that I instant-obliterate the cubs if my weapon gets up to decent speed and I touch them with it. I start dealing severe damage at 6 power, near OHKO at 7, and I erase them from existence at 8+. True, this wouldn't matter if they could box rush me before I could get to 8+ weapon power, but:
1. Santa/Ellie have 1 torque each, which means they have pretty bad acceleration
2. They're small multibots in a LW-SHW arena, so they have a lot of distance to cover before I get spun up.
So, what does that mean? They can't effectively box rush me before my weapon is fast enough to OHKO them, and Momma is too slow too effectively shield them. That means they have to drive perfectly if they don't want the Twins to die (less likely), or OOTA me, which I'll concede is a definite possibility. That brings us to the strategy itself, which will prevent it from happening.

After I've spun up to "twin-killing speeds" (which is around half my max-weapon power), I'll engage in two general actions:
1. Keeping the fight away from the arena edges
2. Focusing on the twins.
The goal (as usual with spinner vs Momma Bear matches) is to KO the twins and beat up on Momma to get the JD. Spin up, and focus on one twin while being careful not to neglect the other, so it doesn't angle in on me. I'll posture aggressively, and try as hard as I can to get the blade to make contact with one of the twins. Again, as long as I have my blade at 6+ power, I will ruin , so I'll also make sure to keep by blade maintained at that speed. So, TLDR: keep blade at 6+ speed, focus on one twin but do not neglect the other, and KO them.

Once that's done: the main goal is dominating the match enough to win the JD, which isn't hard. Momma has around the same drivetrain as me, and takes 3 damage. So she can tank, but she's losing damage and can't really demonstrate aggression either. She also can't keep me from spinning up, so do that. In addition, Momma will suffer from knockback, so once the twins are KOd the match turns into : "Spinner cucks bear for a couple of minutes"
Anyways, GL jules
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Re: Pizza 2 vs Momma Bear

Post by Killjoy » Sat Mar 14, 2020 11:57 pm

Momma tanks his spinner no problem.

The cubs can easily throw him out.

The cubs have a HUGE speed advantage. They don't get caught and exploded unless I get dumb.

Momma leads and sticks her fat ass in his face. The cubs get in position as close as they can and jump him when he's recoiling. Flip him so his weapon hits the floor. Flip him again. Keep Momma as close by as I can in case he gets away or spins up fast. Herd him to a low wall (there are FOUR), hopefully when he's spun down, and heave him out. Worst comes to worst, one cub comes from each side. The one that's on his easy torque turning side can bait. The other can flip him out. Change up my approach patterns and even make him waste time chasing if I need to, before shoving Momma in his face and resetting and trying again. Watch for the Tombstone trick. Watch for torque turning. Don't give him any breathing room.

Good luck

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