CBC4 MW Round 4: Unnamed & Untamed vs Pressure Flop II

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CBC4 MW Round 4: Unnamed & Untamed vs Pressure Flop II

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Mar 14, 2020 7:59 pm

Unnamed & UntamedPressure Flop II
Speed: 7Speed: 3
Traction: 6Traction: 1
Torque: 2Torque: 1
Weapon: 5Weapon: 19(15 Hammer / 4 Turret)
Armour: 10(+2 front wedges and side bits)Armour: 7
N/AHammer config
His front has 12 armor, the top of his flipper 10 and the rest only 8.
I deal 16 damage with a +2 shock damage, the 12 armor part is unlikely for me to hit, the flipper is toast in a single hit and a hit on the chasis might as well be a one shot kill.
He has 7 speed, that's fast.
I have 3, not fast, my turret has a decent 4 speed. 3+4=7 if he tries to go around to dodge my turret i can turn my entire bot with my turret to deny it. You may say that turning my entire bot will make it clunky but this is only necessary if he tries to flank, 4 speed should be fine if he tries to go at an angle.
The arena is big and open, with OOTA at the corners. Badnik sure as heck wants to get a oota asap so go to the middle of the arena immediately and always move closer to it with the turret facing U&U. Facing him with the hammer takes priority over getting to the center so stop in place to turn my whole bot to face him if necessary.

Watch out for bait, particularly him trying to make me fire the hammer early. He takes a second to accelerate fully so if he stops right before entering my range i will have enough time to hit him if he tries to go straight at me right after stopping for bait.
If he is trying to flank doing he isn't fast enough to do it while getting away with a bait.
If he is charging straight in he will need to start stopping before reaching my range to do a bait, this adds to the time i have to fire the hammer once i am sure he is just ramming straight at me before i get flipped.

Once i land one hit he isn't going to be able to do much afterwards, either because he will lose half of his drive or he will lose his weapon and ability to do anything other than pushing.
If i get flipped getting back upright is top priority as i can't really do anything otherwise. Getting flipped can spell disaster for me as he has the ability to chain flips possibly even send me OOTA before i have a chance to recover, so landing the first hit or something is key here.
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Re: CBC4 MW Round 4: Unnamed & Untamed vs Pressure Flop II

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Mar 14, 2020 11:33 pm

swoop in from an angle, get under and start flipping. keeping momentum is going to be key so make sure he cant land any hits on my chassis as i'm throwing him around. if there's ever a time where he's able to recover, back off and go for another angle-in. try to take any hits on the flipper and not anywhere else.

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