Black Dog vs I Can't Believe it's not Tanto

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Black Dog vs I Can't Believe it's not Tanto

Post by Madman » Sat Mar 07, 2020 8:46 pm

Black Dog: 6/4/1/14/5 (+1 drum)
Tanto: 8/7/3/0/12

He's probably using the twin wedges. He's probably hoping they'll fit right between my forks. Maybe they do. Maybe they don't, though I think its doubtful. Either way, he's gonna have a really hard time precisely controlling the angle and position we meet at for every hit, and I'm gonna make that even harder for him with my ground clearance, mobility, and 'squirminess'. J-hook immediately and then go right for his front corner. His speed edge is pretty small. Whenever I get under him, his wedge takes 3 (corner) damage, which bends it immediately and makes it not-ground scraping. I chuck him 7 feet too, in an arena with two large, low-wall OOTA zones. He doesn't have a lot of room for error. He needs to survive for three minutes in there with Black Dog or do the predictable thing and get it to the haz0rds.

Use my speed, good wedge which he'd be nuts to go head-to-head against, and unpredictability to keep from being smothered and crowded into the damaging hazard. Don't be drawn there. Hook free if he's pushing me there. Overall, when we're about to hit, if he's trying to angle in and get me to oversteer or gyro lift before, start anticipating it. Charge straight in to catch him while he's swinging outward. Not a lot of 6 speed spinners and ones that actually hit hard nowadays. That'll catch him by surprise. Sometimes wait until he's just starting to swing back inward and reverse so he overshoots a little at an angle. Charge forward into him. I shouldn't need to do this too many times, though. Once he takes a couple of hits to the wedges, this becomes Minotaur's drum vs Blacksmith's wedge. The bag of tricks is there as a contingency.

Be aggressive whenever I'm spun up. If I need to retreat to buy spin up time, do it in reverse. Throw in off-speed approaches and variation to try to get him to accelerate hard and wheely. Capitalize. If flipped, gyro back over. Don't flip myself OOTA or something dumb like that. Offset my mediocre control by keeping most movements linear or not reliant on being precise (e.g. if my goal is to hook and swing my drum into his front corner, it doesn't matter if I swing it too far).

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Re: Black Dog vs I Can't Believe it's not Tanto

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sat Mar 07, 2020 10:45 pm

Using the big Friggin’ Wedgelets and heavy-duty stoppers.

The goal is aggression, not giving him a break for one second, keeping points up at all times despite whatever assault he throws my way. As soon as the match starts, I’ll be rushing towards him, not a total box rush but more aggressive then he is certainly going to be. Don’t let him try any janky shit, why? Because he can’t, not with a weapon like that, it’s a decent diameter, not to mention wide and powerful, every little turn it makes, no matter how small it’s going to be lifting itself off of the ground, my invitation to get under him if he tried to angle in on my sides, heck, with his gyro and his traction difference, he could very well end up showing off his rear ended for me to take advantage of. The sides of my Wedgelets have flat, smooth sides, meaning he might struggle to catch on anything with a glancing blow, especially at higher speeds where he’ll just grind away a bit. A head on meeting is inevitable, I’m not trying to avoid one either, with ICBINT being a compact design, just like the real Tanto and nowhere near as wide as Black Dog, I can slot inbetween his Wedgelets just about well enough, my own Wedgelets aren’t these prissy little things either, much like the real Tanto, they are almost solid Hardox, they can take a gnawing from that drum, despite all the pretty sparks that’ll be on show. Once he’s up on them, he isn’t reversing away anytime soon, not when I’m pushing him forwards, I have the speed advantage, I can quite comfortably ram him around with my torque, depositing him right into those arena spikes, a doggy kebab might well be on the table tonight with that four base armour, heck, I think I can knock a thing or two lose with a good ram here and there. If he tries to reverse away from me then that’s his own mistake, I’m sure he’ll try and turn a bit and most vertical weapons gyro worst when reversing and turning, a free invitation to wedge him again and ram him elsewhere. I doubt he’ll get an oota as we’re ickle feathers and he isn’t a death-flipper but don’t take any chances fooling around the low-walls too much. Always face him, Wedgelets first, never let up, not for one moment.
Best of luck Laz

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