Featherweight round 3: CIRCUITZ vs Black Salvo

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Featherweight round 3: CIRCUITZ vs Black Salvo

Post by Killjoy » Sat Mar 07, 2020 7:59 pm

Black Salvo - 9/8/3/0/10(+2 wedge) vs. CIRCUITZ - 10/8/4/5/3

I'll use my full front wedge to give me 5 armour, so his 6 ramming damage won't do much. The little horns in front of my wheels should prevent him from getting a straight run at them too. He has no weapon and can't do much except push me. I can't be high-centered (the skirts are hinged) and can just hook away like I always do, so his offense is limited to "get her to the hazards". I have more to work with, though: a 5 power flipper, and there are two large OOTA zones in HOIAW. Strafe around him with my front facing him to keep him between me and whatever OOTA zone is closer. He's pretty prone to being high-centered when I wedge him, so use my ultra-low profile to dig right under and flip him and not just his limited hinge underall wedgelets (or whatever he uses). Whenever I'm under, flip. I'm obviously fast enough to follow up and chain flip him. Get him out of the arena as fast as I can. Obviously keep the fight away from those stabby stabby hazards. If I'm on them, drive off if it's possible. If it's not, flip to jump away. Don't get baited near there unless he's really giving me a surefire OOTA.

Good luck :)

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