Xtreme PneumatiX vs Glacier III

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Xtreme PneumatiX vs Glacier III

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sat Feb 29, 2020 9:49 pm

Xtreme PneumatiX: Speed: 7 Traction: 6 Torque: 2 Weapon: 3 Armour: 12
Glacier III: 1 Speed // 1 Traction // 1 Torque // 18 Weapon (+2 lifter) // 11 Armour
Using my standard configuration, no additional Wedgelets.
As soon as the match starts I will box-rush him like a bat out of hell, making sure to avoid that bump in the middle of the arena and get under him right away, my 7 speed is ample enough to get to him in time, him being 1 speed means he won’t have even gotten out of his starting Square, perfect. The aim of the game is simple, get him out of there as fast as I can, with his vast size it shouldn’t be hard to get him underneath me enough to get a really meaty toss on him, straight over the wall, nice and quick, no fuss whatsoever, match done! If it doesn’t work the first time, then I’ll be persistent with my attempts, he’s not getting away anytime soon with his one speed, I can really smother him nicely. When he is upside down his weapon is really high off the ground, with how low my wedge is, I can literally get under him without taking a hit or at worst, a scrape, not enough to deflect him away. As I said before, my primary objective is to just get him out as soon as but if I can’t for whatever reason, I’ll toss him around the place, depositing him into the hazards which could fuck with those spindly legs of his. I’m convinced if he lands on his one, smaller shield, it will flex just enough to come into contact with his weapon, potentially jamming a tooth into it or ripping the shield off entirely, if he falls on those spindly legs then surely they will take damage after a few flips. Always keep facing him, wedge first, no exceptions, always keep aggressive, approaching him and pushing him around at all times, never letting him get away for a second, if I’m under him, he cannot hit me, I need all those points for aggression and control that I can get. If for some reason I am flipped then self-right immediately.
Good luck Alex

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Re: Xtreme PneumatiX vs Glacier III

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Feb 29, 2020 9:56 pm

Glacier III: 1/1/1/18(+2 lifter)/11

Xtreme pneumatiX: 7/6/2/3/12

Things to note:

1) With my double weight, he’s only pushing with one speed. I can move that fast. My rounded shape also makes me a bit unpredictable to push. Further, he can only flip me 1.5 feet vs a 2 foot OOTA zone, and that’s IF he gets solid bite. There’s a very good chance, factoring in the immense size of Glacier and its rotational stability, that he’ll struggle to even overturn me. If he does, I’m invertible anyways and can self-right too.

2) He’s got 12 armour. I have 16 weapon. 4 damage is pretty ouch, and I have a very good chance of scoring a KO with repeated hits. At the very least, he has a narrow flipper that fits very tightly into a slot on his chassis. Even a bit of warping should compromise its ability to retract further, leaving it unable to sit flush with the floor and vulnerable to 5 point corner damage.

Start in my square, shields down, and spin up as I strafe to the side. I only need to be a few feet from where I start to avoid the OOTA zone, and he has to cross the entire arena and flip a double-weight bot. Despite the 9-3 speed unit gulf between us, I think I can manage THAT much. If he isn’t box rushing, raise the shields slightly. I want the bottom of my spinning ring peeping out beneath the lip of the shields so that I can mash it into his flipper early and often - whenever it’s spun up.

If/when he flips me, bring my shields even with my ring, preventing it from hitting the ground and losing momentum, until I settle back on my feet. Whenever I’m not spun up, place the shields in the way of his smothering wedge so the ring isn’t interfered with. The moment I’m up tae speed and you can hear that death hum, raise those shields just high enough and aggressively pursue the hit. In general, since I have the shields for spin-up protection, don’t do the passive big spinner thing. Move forward relentlessly. Vary my height (legs can do that) and strafe to either side just before contacts to throw his timing off. If I’ve buckled his flipper so it can’t 100% retract, squat low before contacts to catch its edge for corner damage and rip it off.

Good luck.
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