Momma Bear vs Space Bee

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Momma Bear vs Space Bee

Post by Killjoy » Sat Feb 29, 2020 9:43 pm

Make him deal with Momma. She's slow. She's bait. She laughs at the hazards. Either he bullies her around and leaves himself open, or he ignores her and focuses a cub and she can just stick her fat wedge in his face and keep interfering, along with the other free cub. FWIW, all three bots outwedge him and the cubs are as fast as him and have better control, so one of them can string him along for a while and even lead him right past the slower Momma. He can't cover both cubs at once, especially with his garbo control difference, so they'll go after him and flip him. They can also just OOTA him. Steer the fight there as much as I can. Throw him out.

His best play is to try piling up damage on the cubs. He only rams for 5 damage against their two armour, though. Wedges easily facetank 3 damage from spinners for entire fights, so his chance of doing serious damage to them that way is slim. He might try to activate all of the hazards. In that case, he just leaves himself open to flipping. Have the cubs catch him early, before he can get the hazards above yellow, and get him out of there fast. Otherwise avoid the hazards like the plague with the cubs. Have Momma tangle with him and tank them first, if I need to.

Otherwise, swarm swarm, flip flip, OOTA OOTA, UNGA BUNGA IDK. Good luck.

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