Electro-Death vs Santangelo

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Electro-Death vs Santangelo

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Feb 29, 2020 7:00 pm

fork setup

We have equal speed but his turning is going to be slower and more unwieldy based on the floor scraping wedge and the location of his wheelbase in relation to said wedge. this is key because of how this arena is laid out, with the crooked cop stopping any box rush attempts.

move out quickly and chase him down around the cop. press down and catch him mid-turn, and then commence the juggling. the eventual goal is to juggle him onto a floor spinner or two before he escapes. from there i'm gonna have to play an aggressive neutral, baiting and feinting so I can find my opening and get him into a hazard again. equal speed here so if i can once again catch him while he turns it'll be ideal. stay away from the oota zones as much as possible because that'll become his wincon if i'm up on points.

my goal for this match is to damage my opponent's drive train through clever usage of the fatales. play an evasive yet aggressive neutral game to trick my opponent into leaving an opening, particularly while he turns. juggle him into a hazard, rinse and repeat.

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Re: Electro-Death vs Santangelo

Post by Madman » Sat Feb 29, 2020 11:05 pm

Santangelo: 8/7/2/1/12
Electro-Death: 8/6/1/10/5

He can't hurt me (and, if he has a lifter, that takes at least one point, so his drum only has 7 armour). We're even in wedge, and his poor control also leaves me lots of opportunities to outmaneuver him. Most important, he only has 5 armour in an arena with dangerous hazards. Honestly, pick one and farm it up to orange or red. Hell, he'll probably help by chucking me into it too. Aight. W.e. They do fuckall to me.

Mostly, I just want to keep this fight twisty and turny. Constantly try to create angles. Get him to oversteer, gyro lift, or both. Take advantage. Flip him as soon as I'm under unless he's high-ended. Get a hazard or hazards up to red as soon as I can. Boop them up to orange with my own wedge if I need to. They do literally nothing to it until then. Then feed him on there. Bring the fight near there. Get him to try to wedge me and throw me near there. Those things do actual damage to him. They can take out his wheels. They can screw up his zero-ground clearance baseplate. And I'm more maneuverable, have better acceleration, all that shit. My low-power flipper's perfect for snowballing him too.

TL;DR: exploit his trash armour, poor control, and zero ground clearance baseplate and let the hazards wreck this guy.

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