Defenestrator vs. Swamp Thing (CBC4 HW Week 3)

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Defenestrator vs. Swamp Thing (CBC4 HW Week 3)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Fri Feb 28, 2020 11:42 pm


Defenestrator: 7/6/2/4/11(+1 front pontoons and forks)

Swamp Thing: 7/6/2/6/9

CONFIGS: Clamp Config. Assuming he won't go for a high-armor config against a clamp but who knows :V.

RP: Let's try out the new tag!

[rp]Drivetrains are dead-even, wedges are close but favors me some because his forks are so short compared to mine they might as well not be there. The tip of his wedge is part of the chassis not the flipper, which is… interesting. His flipper’s also kind of narrow.

Stay aggressive, mixing between head-on attacks and trying to get under his corners. Periodically “press” my weapon BRIEFLY AND WHILE I AM NOT NEAR HIM to keep the clamp raised all the way (it’ll stay up on its own in that position). Keep the fight far from the OOTA zones but otherwise go where he does. The walls are low but the zones are narrow and I have decent ground clearance to escape wedges so this arena’s actually relatively safe for me. Try and turn the fatales at least green by booping them.

When wedged, back off and close the jaw. Self-right ASAP when flipped. When I wedge him, if I can bite down between his tires and the chassis do so, otherwise just wherever. He’s an awkward shape to grab, but I want to bait him into firing his flipper into my clamp. It’s easily forced open but won’t be damaged by this. He also flips hard enough to probably tip himself backwards. With his flipper open if I can get my clamp inside it I can grab onto stuff underneath and pin his flipper open, and he can’t do much to escape! Also go for this whenever he has to self-right.

When clamping, see if the weight distribution lets me completely pick him up. If I can, then reverse to the nearest OOTA zone and suplex him out! I should still have plenty of reach to get him over a 2 ft wall. Be ready to gun it out of there if he gets free. If I can’t completely pick him up, then take him to the angriest Fatale and try to feed his tires into the blades. Be careful to not run my forks into it.[/rp]

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Re: Defenestrator vs. Swamp Thing (CBC4 HW Week 3)

Post by Tcrrr » Sat Feb 29, 2020 6:39 pm

Defenestrator: 7/6/2/4/11 (+2)
Swamp Thing: 7/6/2/6/9

Basically, he's got a clamp, I've got a flipper. He can only lift, I can throw.

At the beginning of the match, I'm expecting him to pull off something to flank me, but because of my rather short wheelbase I'd be able to catch up, and we'd cancel each other out on drive unless I wedge him, in that case I'd be pushing him as his front 2 wheels would be on my wedge, dividing his torque by 2. We both have forks, and so I'll use mine to the best of my abilities by trying to go at precisely the front, trying to avoid that clamping arm from bypassing my wedge. Once we meet wedge to wedge, here's how it'll play out:
we both can go head on, and it's a game of chance on who would win head to head, if I win, flip him as soon as I get the chance. If I lose the wedge battle head on, reverse, and try to realign myself so I can angle in on his wedge with my forks, which would tilt slightly in my favor. If I still lose that reverse off his wedge, and see if he makes a slight driving error in continuing to go forward a little, then I'll take advantage of the driving error and flip him over and over, I know my CO2 will run out eventually, may be a part of his plan for me to use it to run out, but when I'll flip I will either
A. Flip at full power if we're near the OOTA zones
B. flip at just enough to get him flipped over, and chain small flips to the OOTA zones, where I'll continue to flip him at a low power until he either self rights or is right next to the arena sidewall, where I'd flip him over and out at full power.

If at any point I get grappled by him from the back or sides, I'll try my best to get off his wedge by flipping at full power. As my my wheel contacts the ground, I'd also be able to alter the direction of which he's pushing me, and most of the time at least one of my wheels will be on the ground, which is enough to mess up where he is going to a point where he's closer to the sidewall than I am. Then I'll flip at full power to escape, and try to angle in on him, while being careful to make sure he doesn't get a single chance to wedge me, or if he does wedge me, back off and try again until I wedge him.

Tldr: wedge him via angling in, flip him around and hopefully get him over and out. if I get wedged, reverse and circle off and try again. If I get grabbed, fire the flipper and get myself free

Good Luck, have fun
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