Skoll vs. The Act of Being Polite (CBC4 MW Week 3)

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Skoll vs. The Act of Being Polite (CBC4 MW Week 3)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Fri Feb 28, 2020 11:29 pm


Skoll: 4/2/1/15/8 (+1 bar)

The Act of Being Polite: 4/2/1/16/7

CONFIGS: False edge blade please (the high-armor one). Don't know if he's got that little nub thing on or not.

RP: Let's try out this new tag!

[rp]Apparently “start whichever way up your opponent doesn’t” is a legal move so “start the same way up as your opponent” should be too :V. Do that. Or if it isn’t legal, start inverted. Ethan’s probably counting on running as an angled spinner so there’s no way I can low-profile it, so instead try to hit the thing head-on. His bar being angled down also lets me hit behind his tooth and possibly near the holes in his bar, and I have a tooth shape that really concentrates force and will take divots out of his blade. Combine that with a 4-3 weapon-to-weapon advantage and I might break his bar.

See if I can get him to spin up first by just bumping the throttle at the start. If he tries to play tip speed games and spins the other direction, reverse mine. This arena’s big enough he shouldn’t be able to rush me. I might actually win on “tip” speed though: my reduced power in this config isn’t from lower rpm or a shorter blade, it’s from a blade with more weight in the center. I’ve still got a FAST tip speed and I I might not be hitting his actual tips due to the angle as mentioned.

Worst-case if he goes upright and I can’t match this: TAoBP isn’t Magnolia Grande. It’s got a proportionally wide chassis, but one with less empty space, and his blade’s narrower than his chassis. This is always “writer takes someone’s word for it” but I’m not convinced he actually outreaches me. Unlike Grande he also doesn’t have any “ablative grille”: there’s a pulley under that front cover. Also note: Skoll has a slight blade angle when inverted too. At the front it hits 3-1/2” off the ground, which there’s no way in hell he’s low-profiling.

If he goes inverted and doesn’t have that little nub thing on, use caution as he won’t be hitting the front of my blade at the tips and I don’t want him sweeping above it and hitting my retaining nut if he outreaches me. Make SURE I’m spinning the same direction as him, and try to let him hit me from off to my side where my blade’s slightly higher, without letting him get close to my wheels.[/rp]

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Re: Skoll vs. The Act of Being Polite (CBC4 MW Week 3)

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sat Feb 29, 2020 8:36 pm

Putting the black thing on my bulkhead to act like an overcutter. If he runs inverted, I’ll run normally but if he runs upside dow, I’ll run right-side up because I have the blade-reach advantage by a decent margin, meaning I can just tear right into his chassis, and possibly disable the weapon early on. As soon as the match starts I’ll spin, up and approach when at full-speed, however, I’m gonna hang around that bump in the middle of the arena, why? Because there is a slight chance he may hit it if he comes at me quite aggressively with his -2 traction ratio, meaning he could deflect off of it and show one of those juicy, exposed wheels for me to rip off, seriously, those things are so light, they’ll just disintegrate into nothing after one hit. If he loses one, he won’t be able to function right whilst as an undercutter, the blade will be slashing at the floor and not spinning up, meaning I can just come in for the kill really. I have the feeling that this match could be a deflections game and I have the upper-hand anyway with at least some wheelguards on my bot, unlike those big, juicy, exposed wheels of his. If we ever do go weapon to weapon, I believe I may be okay, iirc I get a +4 bonus to my weapon (May be wrong on that) and not only that but, his weapon, the blade, is the only thing getting the bonus, not the weapon shaft, that’s gonna bear the brunt of shock damage, meaning it could completely shear after a good hit or two. I wanna keep the match towards the centre of the arena but I also want to take a shot at deflecting him into the hazards or the arena wall itself which wing be healthy for his bot at all. Keep myself spun-up at all times, always keep facing him blade first, never showing off anything else to him.

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