CBC4 FW Round 3: Finishing Move vs Black Salvo

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CBC4 FW Round 3: Finishing Move vs Black Salvo

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Feb 22, 2020 11:17 pm

Finishing Move: 8/7/1/11/3 - 3 point weapon armour/1 point flipping arm

Black Salvo: 9/8/3/0/10 (+2 wedge)

Here's the thing: all of the options usually open to a brick against a spinner aren't really a factor in this fight: he has zero way of dealing damage aside from the hazards (which do all of 2 damage), and to do that he needs to control me: a mecanum wheeled vert that can flip him, reach over top of him, that has equal control, and that he only outspeeds by a whopping 11-10. Meanwhile, as long as I keep my 6 armour weapon assembly facing him, he can't hurt me. Meanwhile, I can toss him all around the arena. I can take out his wheels. I can score 4 corner damage on him. I can high-center him (which he can't do to me). I can win this fight as both a control bot and a damage dealer.

If he's running the Underall wedgelets, mix in two approaches:

1) Go straight at him. Flip and chain if I get under. I definitely have the speed. If he gets under, hook away immediately, opportunistically strafe for his side. It's a lot quicker than having to turn.

2) Occasionally go at him back first, using my ability to strafe to keep square with him while he has to turn. Use this to cut off any maneuvers he makes. Just before contact, strafe a tiny bit to one side and, crucially, change our closing speed by reversing to throw off his timing and reduce his impact damage. Fire the flipper, dropping the drum into one side of his 8-armour top, with the aim of sniping a wheel or buckling his chassis armour so that it interferes with his wheels. If you look at his bot, everything there is VERY snug. There is zero room for components to warp or shift. The slightest buckling will interfere with his mobility.

If he uses the hammer blocker, go straight at him. Focus on flipping him. Look at his bot and the angle he'd rest at on his blocker. His rear wheelguards are going to be touching the ground instead of his rear wheels. If the wheels somehow do, they'll be struggling for traction mightily. Use my newfound drive advantage to get around to his wheels and mangle them. If he ever starts opening the furnace, go straight after his exposed sides/rear as he boops it and boop him instead.

Good luck!
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Re: CBC4 FW Round 3: Finishing Move vs Black Salvo

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Feb 22, 2020 11:40 pm

underall wedges

i don't really give a shit so we'll go for the "i don't really give a shit" strat of angling in on his fuckin wedges and getting under him, following his movements off the wedge until i can capitalize and push him into a hazard or a pit or whatever this fucking arena has

just be super fucking aggro, never give him room to breathe, and keep running at him unless it's an obvious hazard bait
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