Seed Killer Gen II vs NRG 2

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Seed Killer Gen II vs NRG 2

Post by Billy5545 » Sat Feb 22, 2020 4:00 am

Seed Killer Gen II: 4/2/1/12/11 (+2 front armor) (Anti-spinner config)
NRG II: 3/1/1/13/12

And now we are fighting against a HUGE clone. We outspeeds them. In addition, our front armor is protected against damage completely due to being 13 points to their 13 weapon, while we also have the +4 armor bonus to our hammer to add extra protection. However, we will also note that our opponent can deal four damage to any parts on our bot, which can stack up as the battle goes on, as well as disable our exposed hammer mechanism in one shot. Our hammer also does no damage to them at all, even with the weapon power bonus, but we can utilize it for taking hits and controlling them instead.

First start by having our hammer be on the front, then face our opponent after encountering them. Once we encounter them, approach slowly, stand still, and back off as they are about to hit us so they won't be able to climb over us or strike effectively at the hammer to flip us over. For that matter, we also want to make sure the bar won't hit on the center, but more on side of the front plate (not the angled parts though). We will then exploit the deflection they get to control them, by herding them into one of the hazards, or even better the grille. Also while we want to use our hammer to take hits, we can also purpose them as some kind of a makeshift lifter/flipper in case it is under the chassis due to the large clearance. We will do this by retracting it, effectively lifting our opponent. Repeat this for the rest of the match.

We aim to win this match by controlling them as much as possible, as well as showing enough aggression so we won't lose the decision. Alternatively, we can try to open the grille and then herd them into it once we do so in order to score a pitting. Be careful not to fall in ourself though.

Drive well and watch out for any moves or tricks, responding to them accordingly.

Good luck Wolf

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