Puffy Cloud vs Black dog

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Puffy Cloud vs Black dog

Post by Tcrrr » Sat Feb 08, 2020 7:19 pm

Here is the song we must play:

If they refuse, just find some weeb shit and blast the organ with that, just anything that is relatively shitpost-ey

Puffy Cloud: 8/7/2/2/11 (+2 front)
Black dog: 6/4/1/14/5 (+1 drum)
Basically right, it's black dog, real shit fam.

At the beginning of the match, rush to him as I have superior speed and acceleration, and try to get a hold on him from the front on, using my saw arm as a grabbing arm. If he doesn't allow me to with ease, I'll try to go to his side, and as he has a giant drum, he'll gyro trying to keep up. Use that moment to hold him down and slam him into the hazards, every second he's in my control is a second he doesn't have to attack. Once he's in my grasp, take him to the Gargoyles and try to get the electromagnets to flip him over, making him have to spin down his drum, and spin the other direction. This will give me time to move him to the Organ (carefully but swiftly), where I'll try and get the spike into the fibreglass chassis of his, which should get in with ease. This will do severe damage to him, hopefully slowing him down, and making him even easier to bully around, in which I'll just use the Organ to spike him more until he's dead.
If he gets his drum into play and bends one of my forks, I'll utilize my other 2 to scoop him up, and bully him around, while baiting him to gyro into submission.
If 2 of my forks are down, then I'll use the last remaining one to get to his side or the drum itself, in hopes of scooping him up, stopping the drum, and bullying him around to the organ.
If all forks are fucked, just do my best to go kamikaze mode, stop the drum, and bully him head on, but I'll only do this when it's obvious that I'm completely fucked and have no ability to fight back whatsoever.

Tldr: bait him into gyroing onto his side, and bully him into the Pipe organ where he'll be left to die, as he has really poor chassis armor
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Re: Puffy Cloud vs Black dog

Post by Madman » Sat Feb 08, 2020 11:19 pm

Black Dog: 6/4/1/14/5 (+1 drum)

Puffy Cloud: 8/7/2/2 (1 arm//1 saw)/11 (+2 wedge)

Go straight head to head with him. He's very back heavy and he's going to wheely especially under full acceleration. I have the massive weight of my drum basically right over my skids and I'm not. Code's new enough at this that he's going to try to treat Black Dog like any other spinner: you just smother it and bring it to hazards, right?


Best case scenario, I get under him, launch him and chain him Aftershock style like I've done to countless opponents who've been arrogant enough to go straight at Black Dog. That's 5 damage on each hit to his body, 6 if I catch a corner (which he has lots of). Middle scenario, I flip him and can't chain. His design means he doesn't have both wheels on the ground when he's upside-down, plus he has a 1 power arm, which is slow as hell self-righting. You bet I can come in and deliver the coup de grace before or as he self-rights. Worst case scenario, he gets under me. I have ground clearance,though, and don't get high-centered. Then I have options:

1) J-hook off. It takes a moment for him to react. He starts to overshoot. I go into his side. Ouch time.

2) He only pushes me at 2 speed. I reverse straight away. He chases. Reversing applies downforce on my front. He catches me after maybe a second, accelerating hard. I get under, launch him and have a second shot at chaining or flipping and capitalizing.

3) He uses that slowass arm with a 'saw' to try to clamp me. I let him bring it down (with all 9 armour it has), reverse a tiny bit, and obliterate it.

Basically, don't fuck around with getting pushed into hazards. If he's close to getting me there, ignore #3. If I'm flipped, hit him to self-right or gyro over if I have the space. Compensate for gyro lift while turning by only turning sharply when my turn would naturally carry me into him even if I oversteer. Otherwise, prioritize linear movements. If I see him swinging out to flank, dart in and cut him off. If he's swinging in, reverse to get him to expose a front corner and charge into it. Overall though, aggression. Spin up, stay spun up, and finish him quick.

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