Final Mecha Catbot vs Shade Fist

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Final Mecha Catbot vs Shade Fist

Post by V900 » Thu Feb 06, 2020 8:54 pm


standard config (i.e. the flipper)
Speed: 9
Traction: 8
I think you can see where this is going. While 11 speed units is just baaarely under 200% of SF's 7, his worse spd:tra disparity and fuckhuge drum (that has to be at least a 30-40% of his total weight if not more) should allow me to nope his weapon entirely.

Take note of where his position is:
  • He's out in the open: Start running circles around him, aim for his side/behind. Be patient, spd:tra disparity means he'll fuck up his driving before I do. A single flip should be enough to get him spikeballing. Watch out for if he tries juking last-second, especially if I happen to be going for his side. Chuck him into walls and hazards if possible.
  • He's camping like a limp-ass: Zip up close (a safe distance where he can't jut forward and fuck me up) and back away repeatedly. I'll gain more aggression and control points if we do this for 3 minutes straight. Make it look like I'm corralling him against the wall/corner, you know? Try and coerce him to come out and play.
I don't really give a shit damage-wise if I run over a hazard or not, but don't do it if SF is nearby, otherwise that might give him opportunity to attack. Don't interact with his drum/front wedgelets, full stop.

gl hf

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Re: Final Mecha Catbot vs Shade Fist

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Feb 08, 2020 10:48 pm

I have the lower wedge here so he'll be on the defensive from the start. Watch how he approaches as he's definitely not going to be dumb enough to run right into the weapon. Keep my weapon facing him and try to anticipate where he'll move to so I can intercept his angle and get a hit in. Once I get one hit I can start chaining, so just watch where he lands. A few hits should do some damage, while he'll need to control me for three minutes to have a shot at the win. I can keep making jabs until I find an opening, so do that and watch how he reacts when I come at him because I'm sure a couple of hits will put the fear into him.

tl;dr watch his movements, anticipate his actions and intercept his trajectory to get an opening, and work from there. try to use my opponent's fear of my weapon to my advantage.

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