CBC4! Electro-Death vs FusterCluck

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CBC4! Electro-Death vs FusterCluck

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Feb 01, 2020 10:48 pm



I have the speed advantage here which will be key, since I won't last long against his spinner if he gets under me. I also have the advantage of a pressing wedge with narrower forks, which should in theory win the wedge war.

I'm going to camp my side of the arena as the fight starts, get up to full speed, wait for him to approach me and then gun it at him at about 90% throttle before he can straighten up. Press the wedges and attempt to launch him at the wall. I'm going to just stick to him like glue from then on, landing hit after hit. I don't think I have proper KO potential in this arena so I'll just keep up the offensive, stuffing out whatever escape options he tries to use. Follow him when he lands, anticipate jukes, feints, and j-hooks - any tricky movement he might use, watch what he does the first time and then go for the read on the second pass. If there's ever a clean break in the action, I want to activate whatever root is closest to him - keep him blocked off and curb any momentum he might try to build. If he ever lands a clean hit on me, cut the lights if i have that stored - again, snuffing out his momentum and letting me plot my next move.

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Re: CBC4! Electro-Death vs FusterCluck

Post by Rinzler » Sat Feb 01, 2020 11:01 pm

Ohhh boy the maiden voyage. He may have speed over me but it's not enough for a shutout. I'm gonna get the disc to full speed and go in flipper first. No fancy tricks or anything. If he presses, so be it. My flipper fits in a pretty large area between his wedges. Once I get to him, fire the fipper straight into his weapon to destabilize it. If this works as planned I should be able to whip around and start chaining hits with my disc. If it doesnt work, try again. He cant KO me or my weapons, so I'm gonna stay as aggressive as I can. He has very little room for error. If it's getting down to the wire, switch to leading with the disc. If he's pressing all I have to do is angle in to get under him (since only the leading edge of his forks would contact the ground, lifting the rest of the wedge off the floor). If I manage to get flipped, use the flipper to self right.

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