cbc4 round 1 fw: Puffy Cloud vs Gabrial

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cbc4 round 1 fw: Puffy Cloud vs Gabrial

Post by patrickrowberry » Mon Jan 20, 2020 1:53 am


6,4,1,14,5(+2 to weapon)

puffy clouds

Normal: 8/7/2/4 (3 arm/3 saw)/9


so my main thing is avoid harzords and the walls

let him come to me play defence

keep weapon facing him

as if I can hit him that's 5/6 damge

aim for the body

try land as many hits on him 2/3 hits will kill him

if caught try rolling over him or axing out of it and getting back to the centre

good luck

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Re: cbc4 round 1 fw: Puffy Cloud vs Gabrial

Post by Tcrrr » Sat Jan 25, 2020 6:23 pm

6,4,1,14,5(+2 to weapon)
Puffy Cloud: 8/7/2/4 (3 arm/3 saw)/9

Basically right, he's slow, has weak armor and is easy to beat. At the beginning of the match, lower my arm down to prevent wheelieing, and rush towards him and try to bully him around the arena. He's got a pretty viscous weapon, but a narrow field of range to fire it, I'll take advantage of said narrow field, and I'll bait him into firing his weapon, and back away to prevent damage to myself. Once he's fired his weapon, take advantage of the opportunity, and raise my lifting arm to bully him around. He's got wheels with huge spokes, so maybe I can get my saw arm in between them and jam his drive. Either way, once he's in my control, feed him to the wild flings, trapping the lifting arm to prevent him from escaping until the refs shout at me to stop pinning. (cuz they're megagay lol xd haha) continue the barrage on, baiting and disallowing him to get any real hits at full power on, while also smothering him and bullying him around into the hazards and shit. if need be, use the saw arm as sacrifical, the chassis is all I need to conserve, and if I keep being aggressive and keep bullying him around for the whole match, I can keep up and outdo any damage he does to me. I'm not letting him touch the chassis (where the electronics are) at all costs at full speed.

Tldr: bully him around while using the saw to pin him, and bait his axe so that I can take control easier
Good luck
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