Nuclear Plague vs MADSCIENCE: ROBOT3 Lightweight Final!

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Nuclear Plague vs MADSCIENCE: ROBOT3 Lightweight Final!

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Sep 21, 2019 11:32 pm


Speed: 5
Weapon: 14
Armor: 7
Traction: 3
Torque: 1

16/1+5/1/2/10 (+2 teeth)

another day, another melty brain fight. i've been fighting this matchup on the other end all season in the heavyweights so if anyone should know this matchup inside and out it's me. Doomerang couldn't flank Blackburn Kangaroo and i both had more strafing speed and BK had less actual speed than I do. As long as I keep my front pointed towards him and don't drive like a dumbass (read: too aggressively) i almost definitely will win this fight.

a massive design flaw of madscience is that its weapon motors are inside those big hammers he's swinging around. said motors/wheels don't have the armor bonus meaning they'll take shock damage, and idk how long those motors are going to want to play nice spinning as fast as they do for before the whole bot cuts out. this is the crux of my strategy. he can't constantly attack me head-on without risking shock damage killing half or all of his robot, so he needs to get around me to secure victory. this is the hardest thing for a 2-speed melty brain to do.

Get spun up and reach center stage first. watch which way he's spinning and approach slowly, keeping myself facing him. don't get baited into being overly aggressive, because i don't know what sort of batshit strategy alex will have cooked up for this fight. pick my hits carefully so that he can't ride over my disc and hit my chassis and don't let him swing into my side when we collide. any blade-to-thing confrontations we have will end in us ricocheting away from each other, which plays into my hand, especially since if he hits the wall that's a dead stop, and i can capitalize on that with the right positioning.

basically i just need to hit him until he dies, without letting him hit me until i die. my design lends itself to this strategy more than his does.

good luck alex and may the better robot win!
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Re: Nuclear Plague vs MADSCIENCE: ROBOT3 Lightweight Final!

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Sep 21, 2019 11:53 pm

MADSCIENCE: 16/1+5/1/2/10 (+2 teeth)

Nuclear Plague: 5/3/1/14/7

Unless it's masterful misdirection, based on what he's said in discord (laying the foundation with some 'questions' and trying to build a consensus) Dylan's probably going to 'debunk' MADSCIENCE a whole bunch, mostly ignoring that this is ARC and, at least to a reasonable extent, stats are stats: My drive motors will not die from 3 shock damage. They're shock-mounted to the inner wall of their housings and ensconced behind both a hardened steel outer shell and a bit of buffer space. By his apparent logic, basically all melties, which have their wheels near the edges and their motors by necessity right near their wheels, will die from shock damage. Well, press F for that design archetype.

The real bottom line is that he's outgunned as a spinner, he can't smother me, and he knows it. Hence the, "but his bot has a hidden vulnerability" argument. That stats are damning: contacts are doing me 2 direct and 3 shock damage. They're doing him 5 and 4.5, respectively. If I'm shitting out, he's shitting out first. Ever seen an unbalanced horizontal? How about an unbalanced undercutter in particular? That's called ruining the arena floor (and burning out your weapon motor). Also, for vulnerabilities, ever see what happens to a lot of modular bots when an extreme stress load is applied to one modular part? Warhawk, Mad Catter, and Ultimo Destructo have got some stories for you!

I also have an advantage in the fact that I can spin either way. Melties are big on bite. Let's spin the right way to make sure we're getting that. While I'm slower, I've opted for my 'slightly-faster-than-molasses' configuration. Listen, he's no speed demon and he's swinging a big, torque-heavy HS around with a -2 control difference 2WD chassis. Throw in a bit of clever strafing, and that's another possible advantage for me in contacts. When we both go flying, as well, he's more likely to take some damage from the arena with his lower armour.

Defensively, my spin up speed should be more than fast enough to avoid him smothering me and his weapon shouldn't sweep low enough (or high enough when flipped) to snipe my wheels. Mostly just go out there, spin up, be aggressive, and be as slippery as I can be. Not much else I can do.

GL dude
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