Idiot Triangle vs. Black Salvo Again (ROBOT3 FW Final)

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Idiot Triangle vs. Black Salvo Again (ROBOT3 FW Final)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Sep 21, 2019 1:45 am


Idiot Triangle: 16/1 (+5 spinup)/1/2/10 (+2 teeth)
Black Salvo: 9/8/3/0/10 (+2 wedge)

CONFIGS: Assuming Black Salvo’s using the wedge. If he goes forks gglolfreecornerdamage.


Well I played my hand last time with the ramming myself into the wall at the start trick. He’ll likely be expecting that this time and have a counter, so...

Start in the far corner of my square. Spin up clockwise and immediately move out at an angle towards the wall to my right like I’m going to hit it, getting pretty close, and see how he reacts. If he moves off toward the other side of the box where he’s predicting I’ll bounce, then fake him out and move directly away from the wall; by the time he can respond I’ll easily be at full speed. If he notices I’m hanging out near the wall but not touching it and takes the bait of trying to rush me… joke’s on him, the fake-out is itself a fakeout. 2 speed’s enough to cover a gap of a foot or two pretty fast: just ram the wall anyway and hockey puck to safety.

After that it’s basically a matter of not getting stopped. Stay in the middle of the arena to the best of my ability and strafe in random directions as he charges at me: if he guesses wrong he could take a hit to the side of his wedge, which depending on which side it is could mean a glancing impact that doesn’t take much energy out of my spin, or a solid hit that spins him around and knocks me away to safety. Otherwise basically be an annoying pinball. If he’s able to stop me and get me on his wedge there’s not much I can do, but be ready to gun it the instant he releasing the pin and slam into either the wall or myself to knock myself away.

Black Salvo’s insanely fast, yes, but it’s also a featherweight in a big arena. The size of the bots works against him here: I’m a smaller target for him to chase down and intercept, and the front of his plow is a smaller target for me to avoid by strafing to either side. Me hitting him when I’m six inches off to the side wouldn’t mean much on a heavyweight, but on a compactly built featherweight like BS that’s the difference between him hitting dead-center or getting the sides or even edges of his plow caught – which is made more likely by him charging into me at high speed while trying to smother and letting me get huge amounts of bite. Also note that I spin up insanely fast and deal 4-point shock damage on every hit. He IS at risk of drivetrain or wedge mounting damage.

Also note: it’s grand finals so there’s been nine rounds of heavyweight undercutters destroying the floor. Have fun with that 1/16” ground clearance.


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Re: Idiot Triangle vs. Black Salvo Again (ROBOT3 FW Final)

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Sep 21, 2019 11:01 pm

grand finals time, heh. bit ironic i'm fighting a melty brain here considering everything, but that gives me the advantage here because i've been driving melties longer than anyone else. i know the ins and outs of the bot type and how they don't win, and this right here is a melty's worst nightmare. i have no reason to really charge at him at the start since he'll either fake me out or do some weird strafing shit, and even at full speed he doesn't hurt me that bad on a flat surface.

d2 wedge on. to start i'll charge out to about 3/4ths length of the arena and wait to see what he does. if he tries to juke me out just turn to face him and approach at about 70% throttle to reduce his bite, and therefore his knockback distance, and to see if he tries to ricochet off the wall or some other weird tactic. basically, the goal here is to play ultra safe. keeping my speed low and ensuring he can't spin me around or catch an edge is paramount to success here so i want to be ultra controlled and just fast enough that he can't easily strafe around me and catch an edge. keep feeding the wedge into him and corralling him into walls and corners until he's slowed down enough that i can go sicko mode and start being the speedy speed boi everyone knows and loves, at least until he gets away. whenever he's near full speed, go the slower safe route. if it does start looking like he's going to strafe into a corner and meme my wedge i'm gonna go full speed backwards. have fun trying to engage a 2 speed melty when i'm halfway across the arena :V

tl;dr don't do anything stupid and keep the wedge pointed squarely at him. aggression and control for the win.

good luck hfl and may the better robot win!
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