Hellhound vs Blackburn Kangaroo

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Hellhound vs Blackburn Kangaroo

Post by Madman » Sat Sep 14, 2019 11:59 pm

Gabe's talking about some 1337 strat on discord. IDK what it is. Maybe it'll work. Maybe it won't. The main thing is that I have double his speed, better control, and can push significantly faster than he drives. Once I have him on my wedge, he's going straight into a wall and he's staying there until I say he's not. In undercutter mode, he's still not getting under my wedge. In overcutter mode, he's not reaching over it.

At the start, box rush him. I have the speed to pull it off and he won't be much over half-power, especially with a big blade like that. From there, it's about keeping his weapon hitting the ground. Assuming he's in undercutting mode, even the littlest bit of tilt will do that and his weapon will catch on the floor or, better yet, one of those floor seams that everyone's been ignoring and yeet himself off with most of his kinetic energy gone. From there, my aim is to keep his weapon grinding at my wedge as much as possible and never reaching full power. Once it's ground down a little, punctuate it with a big slam. Be aggressive, but not stupid. Do my due diligence and take possible ricochets and hail maries out of the equation by stuffing him first and then slamming. His big plan likely involves some kind of ricochet.

Defensively, watch for him to try to bypass my wedge. The tombstone reacharound is gonna be used. Boop his rear, back out immediately, and watch him swing and miss. Proceed to smack blade with plow and smother. There's also a chance he'll try hitting me at a funny angle to flip my plow around. Don't let it happen. Take impacts as square as I can get them. If my plow gets flipped around, feed it to him more cautiously, at a similar angle, to flip it back over. Don't let him suddenly rush in in that case. I have twice his speed. Use it to control the fuck outta this match in general. Don't give him a moment of breathing room. Avoid outright pins and just keep him on the defensive and not spinning at full power due to impacts with the floor, the walls, or grinding and bouncing off my wedge. Watch for desperate shenanigans. They're coming. Just do my thing, leverage my advantages, and be ready when the time comes. Pummel this dude into the walls.

GL fam
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