Hellhound vs Blackburn Kangaroo

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Hellhound vs Blackburn Kangaroo

Post by The_Angry_Goat » Sat Sep 14, 2019 11:43 pm

Hellhound: 8/7/4/0/11 (+2 plow)

BK: Speed: 4 / Traction: 2 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 16 / Armor: 7


13 armor vs 16 weapon, he takes 2.5 shock damage. obvious drivetrain disparities.

do the usual spin up facing a wall thing - if he's rushing run away down the wall. if he waits and watches, rush at him once spun up.

come at him backwards and off-center: it's time to exploit the fact that he didn't bring a proper plow-shape.

Remember how PP3D would get hit by a wedge and bounce straight up? I want that to happen. the hope is that I'm popped up by the first impact - which should be a relatively minimal one, given that he'll be impacting my rear wheels and my spinner at more or less the same time - and then slam down with an almost full-power spinner directly on his top. really my aim here is to snipe either a wheel or a wedge support (they don't get the armor bonus, as they are not subject to the parabolic trajectory rule - they're on a different plane from the front wedge, and would require a separate bonus that would leave his chassis armor at 5 if he actually had the bonus to all 3 parts). What I hit depends on how far off-center I can get: if I get really lucky I can try and have most of my chassis off to the right of his body, rotate around the wheel actually touching the chassis, and get a hit right in on his side. that seems less likely though so I'm banking on bouncing onto a wheel.

From here, add in the following strategies in addition to the PP3D hop:

-tombstone wheelbait

-fake tombstone wheelbait into PP3D hop: use his desire to not get baited to get to the side of his wedge backwards and get the wrap around hit (or just back into him, whatever)

- dart at him as he tries to circle me: I'm assuming he'll catch on to my scheming and try to just avoid my back altogether. dart at him in a straight line as he tries to do this, again aiming for sides of the plow, or a PP3D hop

-trigger over/understeer: purposefully send the robot out of control as he comes in, again hoping I bounce up and can get a hit on his top, or that I end up near the corners of his wedge.

as usual, rebounds should be towards the center of the arena: in general save the pp3d hop for when he has me cornered and I want to try and jump him into the center of the arena - the other baits are better used when I'm in the center (though adjust as appropriate for the situation/to keep him off guard). turn off the spinner if he's ramming me into things, turn it back on if I'm pinned - might be able to grind at something on him. again adjust for what the situation needs: rule 1 is dont be dumb :P


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