NKC vs Abyss

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NKC vs Abyss

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Sep 14, 2019 9:34 pm

Speed: 7
Weapon: 5
Armor: 11 (+2 to the wedge)
Traction: 5
Torque: 2


Abyss here is pretty similar to White Cat, who i beat pretty handily a while back. Only difference being, Abyss doesn't kill itself in five hits.

Move in quickly at the start, aiming my pontoon wedges at the gaps in between his wedgelets and striking at an angle. once i'm under, watch out for him to try to j-hook away if possible, and chase him down into a wall with my speed and torque advantages. Once he's pinned, get a good shot at his top armor lined up and saw away. If possible, try to aim for his exposed weapon belt, but be sure not to aim the saw at the drum itself. Be very careful not to get outwedged, as one bad hit could spell disaster. Reverse away and re-position if an approach looks like it will fail.

Just abuse my drivetrain advantage and heavy front armor to keep him stuffed out and starved of options with which to attack me. keep him pinned and keep away from the low wall so i don't accidentally get OOTAed.

Good luck Alex and may the better bot win.
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Re: NKC vs Abyss

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Sep 14, 2019 11:03 pm

Abyss: 4/2/1/16/7


NKC: 7/5/2/5/11 (+2 wedge)

Dylan is probably going to be very confident in his plow and drivetrain. He's likely to be aggressive, rushing and trying to smother my slowish spinner. Thing is, he only has two torque, our wedges are equal, and his control ratio isn't great. Neither is mine, but I'm the one with the big spinner. I'm not the one who has to rely a lot on precision maneuvering and positioning to win. I'm either tricky-but-straightline offense or squirmy, hooking, jackknifing defense.

I have no interest in playing the wedge game. My wedge is equal to or better than his, but its main job is to exist and to force him to consider the possibility of being outwedged and getting his wedge mangled by my spinner. That means he'll try to maneuver, whether that takes the form of angling in, trying to slip his wedges between mine, or trying to outflank me. It doesn't matter. He'll have to put pressure on me if he wants to smother but, counterproductively, he'll have to waste time and risk oversteer maneuvering precisely with a poor control ratio.

I'll start by coming out of my starting square, spinning up, and facing him side-on, Black Dog style. If he keeps charging, happy to win the wedge war, I'll reverse at the last second and punch it forward when he either overshoots or desperately tries to turn to point his wedge in my direction. Worst case scenario, he backs off and loses aggression and control points. If he loops around cautiously to angle in on my wedge anyways, move towards him, giving every indication of confidence in my wedge, and wait for the inevitable angling attempt. Punch it into reverse right before contact to catch him turning in and then punch it forward to catch him at an angle and punish that wedge. If he's looping around to my rear, I can reverse while he does it to still present him with my side. Let him wedge me and then jackknife into his side. More on that below. As a general rule, when I'm near any wall, try to position myself to threaten an OOTA. I can do it even over the high ones.

If he's using his lifter early and often, throw in some baiting, but not all the time. If he wedges me without immediately lifting either hard-j-hook or set myself up perpendicular to him but a bit offset and then let a combo of his speed and a sudden turn jackknife me into his side like Black Dog against Corporate Interests. A couple of good hits are match-changing. meanwhile, in order to do serious damage to me, he'll have to hold a bot that's basically impossible to high-center in place for an extended period. There is no way I'm going to stay still and, even if he gets a lift on me, his lifter's narrow and I'm hella wide and won't be centered or balanced, because I won't let myself get taken squarely.

GL dude
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