(4b) Night Jackal vs (2b) Death Metal: ROBOTS 3 HW Semifinals

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(4b) Night Jackal vs (2b) Death Metal: ROBOTS 3 HW Semifinals

Post by Shaba117 » Sat Sep 14, 2019 9:32 pm

Death MetalNight Jackal
Speed: 4 Speed: 4
Traction: 2 Traction: 2
Torque: 1 Torque: 1
Weapon: 16 Weapon: 16
Armour: 7 Armour: 7
Config: N/A Config: N/A
Starting in Red square

We meet again, pls fite me this time, though :)

We both have identical stats and good reach with the weapon, however, NJ has a more exposed wheelbase and I need to exploit that.
I don't see anywhere where he states what direction his weapon spins (in entry post or past RPs). With that, I'll still go with the strat of having my weapon spin the same direction as his. Having the weapons spinning the same direction will be beneficial due to causing a larger hit as well as the weapons 'meshing', which will cause less damage than if they were rotating in opposite directions. There is also the issue of whether both our weapons will be at identical heights to hit each other, also, as NJ can run inverted (from the entry post images, it appears that NJ would be able to hit weapon-weapon if inverted).

Spin up and drive out towards the center of the arena, but at a slight angle and see how NJ reacts. Regardless of if he's inverted or not, I'll try to 'swipe attack' his wheels, by suddenly turning with the gyro of my weapon and catching his sides. I'm also in a better position to risk closer-range attacks, as my wheels/chassis are set further back than on NJ, so if getting at his wheels proves difficult, just go in and attack head-on. I'm more likely to cause critical damage to him than he is to me. Keep gyrodancing to a minimum, get under control and resume the attack ASAP before he can recover.

Other than that, take care in not exposing my wheels or rear to his weapon and maintain a controlled aggression.

GL, Ethan!

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Re: (4b) Night Jackal vs (2b) Death Metal: ROBOTS 3 HW Semifinals

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sat Sep 14, 2019 11:22 pm

Starting upside down for a few important reasons. A: it avoids blade to blade contact and more importantly. B: i outreach her blade, it’s ever so slight but I do and I’m hitting right at the top of her bulkhead or her pulley/chain, either thing I hit means her spinner is basically fucked. When you compare Death Metal’s shaft to successful Heavyweight Horizontal Spinners like Carbide and more to the point, it’s inspiration, Tombstone you can see that it is very... VERY thin... meaning even if we go weapon to weapon, I should come out of the hit better off, especially in the long run. Start off the match by spinning up the blade as soon as possible and approach CAREFULLY! I don’t want to doom myself by going in all willy-nilly, I want to play this as tactical as I can.... for a HS. Always keep facing her with my blade spun up, no matter what. As I have the very slight reach advantage I have no reason to go for her wheels immediately, focussing instead on chopping up that bulkhead of hers, disabling her spinner and hopefully very quickly too. If she tries to angle for my wheels then I can just turn to give her my blade, right into her bulkhead or her side. Her gearboxes are bolted directly to her side panel and if I hit them there is a very real chance that I can take off the entire side panel, ripping out some wiring and important internal gubbins. I have the wider wheelbase so although we have the same speed I can theoretically turn just a bit faster, this being crucial for if she goes for my wheels so I can turn in and whack her. If I do lose a wheel then I play smart and just make sure to keep my blade facing her, the holes in her blade would be obvious weakpoints if we do go weapon to weapon, her bar is wider than her wheelbase which means it has less of a bonus (iirc). Turn to face her immediately if flung away. If I flip over, the power of my weapon should toss me over as it hits the bare floor.
Best of luck Danielle, may the best spinner win!

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