Nuclear Plague vs Circuitz

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Nuclear Plague vs Circuitz

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Sep 14, 2019 9:20 pm

Speed: 5
Weapon: 14
Armor: 7
Traction: 3
Torque: 1

10 speed / 8 traction / 5 torque / 4 weapon / 3 armour

undercutter mode.

Pretty oddball fight, this.

i can imagine she'll want to get around to my back end and go for the instant flip, most likely using the long extend-o spatula whatever. i'm a decent deal faster than most other spinners, and i should have the mobility to whirl around and tag her with the spinner before she can pull off the big flip.

so the plan here is basically to keep spinning and keep the front pointed at her. if she gets to my back side, turn in the direction my spinner is turning in order to move quicker and go in for the kill shot. I only need one shot to win this fight, even a glancing blow will do a lot to her with 11 damage on the line. she needs to drive a perfect game for 3 minutes. even if i'm flipped, the gyroscopic forces of my weapon should keep me upright, and I plan on staying in the center of the ring for the majority of the match. she can't afford to corral me towards a wall, because one bad move will allow me to get the knockout, so i essentially have free reign of center stage while she tries to strafe around me. no real need to be aggressive when she's going to be actively evading me, and active aggression means i might slip up. keep spinning and stay in the center and she'll have to go for her move eventually. i need to be ready and recognize when that move comes and get the killing blow.

good luck jules and may the better bot win.
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Re: Nuclear Plague vs Circuitz

Post by Killjoy » Sat Sep 14, 2019 11:19 pm

I want to get around him. He knows I want to get around him. He knows that he only needs one hit to kill me. But… does he know that I only need one too? Circuitz can easily OOTA his ass over the low wall. I can outmaneuver him for most of the fight, for sure, but the longer it goes the more chances he has to score a lucky hit.

He starts near the low wall, so come out fast and zoom around his side against his weapon torque so he’ll have trouble keeping up. I have twice his speed and I can strafe, so I don’t need to turn at the end to get my weapon facing him. I can keep threatening to flip him while moving to avoid his weapon. All that means I can get to his back quick and I can flip him. Once I’m in the promised land, don’t hesitate for one second. He’ll swing for the fences with his weapon, probably using weapon torque to help him. Just do it, right away. Watch that big disc hit the floor and go nuts. Chase him while he’s bouncing around, and don’t let up. If he gets to half-power or more, though, back off and reset.

The other main purpose of my circling is to force him to rotate to try to face me. Once he’s between me and the low wall, that’s the best time to strike. Be patient if I have to. He’s going to be all sorts of underestimating this fight, my bot, and its ability to hurt him. I can really easily chain flips. I have ALL THE SPEED. If I flip him once when he’s between the wall and I, I’ll be on him before he can even hit the ground, and I am chaining his ass right outta there.

If I’m going to take a hit, either sacrifice the spatula attachment - it’ll sheer where it’s bolted on - or one of the skirts in a glancing blow.

Good luck! 😊

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