PTS vs Black Salvo

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PTS vs Black Salvo

Post by Wolf51-50 » Sat Sep 14, 2019 3:17 pm

Ok I'm not gonna be available later tonight probably. Dylan why :V. Configurations exist. Tell me what I need to know :V

I'm gonna assume he's using the flat wedge.

Face backwards for this fight (kinda like SoW does) and spin up. If he's box rushing turn away at the last second. 9 speed means he'll be fast but reaction time can only do so much, which could cause him to meet the wall before he even reaches me I'll probably get sent flying away. But his body is very vulnerable with 8 armor. So not only will he be taking 4 shock damage, but let's also remember that it's also gonna be pretty fucking hard to drive with 9 speed, so one small mistake could lead to catastrophe for him, especially if I hit the corner of his wedge.

If I go too far up his wedge, I could skip on top of him using my blade as a kickstand off the floor and onto his top. See if I can drive off while having the blade fall on his top, wheels, or whatever. Easy damage. Don't let him bully me into any corners. See if I can ricochet away if I'm too close and need time to spin up. And while it's not a great wedge, I do in fact have two 2WD forks on the front. So if he's careless and goes up my front, that's a wasted rush on his part. If he uses the forks instead of his wedge, free corner damage for me. Also his hammer blocker makes his wedge too big for the bonus so I can't see him using it here. Just see if I can get solid hits and surprise him with a few ramp tricks over his wedge, or hit the corners of the wedge by driving towards him at an angle. Keep my blade going for as long as I can and do whatever it takes to give me more spin time if I need it.

Edit: Good luck :V

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Re: PTS vs Black Salvo

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Sep 14, 2019 8:41 pm

D2 wedge, for sure.

he forfeited last time we met so i have no idea how our two robots are going to react to each other. he only has 3 weapon above my wedge so i don't have to worry about taking too much damage here.

i'm not losing much by box-rushing here as he's gonna get spun up right off the bat. that big heavy weapon of his is going to cause some serious counter-forces on spinup, especially since he only has 2-wheel drive, meaning he's lacking the stability of most cage spinners. i envision his spinup being a little more haywire, and since he's starting in a corner there's a half-decent chance that if he tries to dodge away from said box rush he'll end up smacking the wall himself. so i'll box-rush immediately and watch to see how the situation unfolds. if he's able to juke me out by some miracle, immediately yeet backwards so he isn't able to hit my chassis, then try again. following the first box-rush, i want to drive at about 2/3rds throttle while i'm near him until he's either slowed or i miss, that way i have the precision driving needed to ensure he isn't able to snipe a corner on the wedge. i've just gotta keep swinging until i get the blade stopped against a wall or something, and then it's smooth sailing.

once the blade _is_ stopped, stick to him like glue. he doesn't have the drive train to really escape me, and even if he's able to use those tiny little forks he has at the front to keep me from fully wedging him, what can he really do? certainly not out-push me, or even take my wheels off the ground, since it's a bigass hinged wedge.

tl;dr box rush at the start, watch for any tricky driving jukes, slow down the blade with controlled driving, then stick to him once it's stopped. always be aggressive, and use speed to escape from any sticky situations.

good luck drew and may the better bot win.
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