Venice Queen vs Madscience

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Venice Queen vs Madscience

Post by The_Angry_Goat » Sat Sep 14, 2019 2:34 pm

Madscience: Speed: 16/ Traction: 1+5/ Torque:1/ Weapon: 2(1/1/1)/ Armor: 10(+2 teeth) - is it really that much effort to go speed: / tra: / etc to make that about half as confusing?

Venice Queen: Speed: 10 / Traction: 8 / Torque: 3 / Weapon: 1 / Armor: 8 (+2 front) - ABR


he has 2 options out of the gate: spin up instantly, or yeet himself out of the starting gate. here's the problem with the yeet strategy:
1) he has so little traction that he can't guarentee he'll go where he's pointing his bot. are the two wheels actually starting to move at exactly the same time, or does one start .2 seconds before the other? does he hit the sticks at the same time? literally the smallest error and he has a 50% chance of slamming into the wall instead
2) ok he gets where he wants to be. he has to fully stop (with no traction and almost no torque - so he has to hit reverse and just hope it actually stops him instead of just rocketing him in the other direction), and then start spinning up once he's stopped - or he could try to start spinning up while carrying directional momentum and be unstable from the get go.
3) even if he avoids faceplanting into a wall, he could always faceplant into me.

basically what I'm getting at his that I can get away with box rushing him: even if he gets out of his square, I'll have plenty of time to notice this, point myself in the right direction, and charge at his new location. he can keep running away as long as he wants, at the end of the day I have enough speed and torque to keep up and get on his ass as he's spinning up. added to this: if I'm rushing, I'm going directly across the middle of the arena. if he wants to get away from me (and manages to not accidentally run directly into me thanks to his complete lack of control), he'll HAVE to end up somewhere still near a wall. IE, where I want him to be.

overall here the goal is to never take more than 1 full-speed hit - which is doable if i smother him ASAP, since he really doesn't have the tools to escape a robot as fast as I am. I do this by getting him permanently pinballing off of walls, then try to corner him and flip him such that he gets stuck on the wall. with his dildo puncher thing this is unlikely to be permanent, but it eats time, and I can back off from the pin while he slowly escapes to reset the timer. then, I re-pin, eat up the clock, and start trying to get him stuck back up there again.

if he is ever at full speed: slow engage. get right up next to him and gently slide my wedge underneath his spinning body: dissapate the energy by disrupting his spinning slowly: don't eat it all at once: try to destabilize him without actually taking a hit. he's too slow to retaliate to this: with 1 speed, everything he does is telegraphed.


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Re: Venice Queen vs Madscience

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Sep 14, 2019 10:02 pm

MADSCIENCE: 16/1/1/2(1/1/1)/ 10 (+2 teeth)


Venice Queen: 10/8/3/1/ (+2 plow)

Gabe knows that he can't take any full speed hits, so that means that two things: a ruthless dissection of why my bot won't work, and a box rush.

He'll probably pick on my ability to escape him. The fact that I spin up in <2 seconds and I've been able to escape my starting square in an uncontrolled linear rush fairly reliably in my other fights argues against that. However, it's of secondary importance, because I'm going to do the thing he least expects: I'm going to eat the box rush (in a very specific way). Why?

1) I spin up FAST compared to normal spinners (the point of the melty traction buff was to give them a niche against bricks) and, while he's quick, his torque isn't Hellhoundesque. He'll get me before 100%, but not much before. I'll still do some damage, and...

2) If I YOLOcharge, I have to avoid where he's coming from and, after a delay for reaction time, he'll just turn to follow me. If I actually hit him near the corner, we'll be violently flung apart. He goes into a wall. I go into a wall. Have you ever seen a melty IRL not ricochet like crazy when it hits something? I'm going to bounce off that wall and possibly another and end up nowhere near him. Meanwhile, instead of just having to readjust for my rush, he'll take a bit of damage, smack into a wall, and get turned around. Then, he'll have to react, turn with a poor control ratio, and probably adjust as he rushes me.

I don't want to hit him 100% square at the start. I'll start moving away from the corner the moment I can translate. He could try to react super quickly and risk a sudden highspeed adjustment with a -2 control ratio, or he could settle for low-risk hitting me with his wedge anyways. How many box rushes actually succeed 100% according to plan IRL? There are variables, and I want to create as many as I can.

From then on, it's about piling up damage while not getting smothered. I also do 5 shock damage per hit. He has to pull off smothering for three minutes without any mistakes. That's his win condition. I get up to full speed once and he'll take catastrophic damage. That's my win condition. To aid me, I have a sub-2 second spin up, his oversteer, a punching bar to free me from his wedge before he can pin, and the straight-line YOLOrush to escape his rushes. It might not always work, but it'll work sometimes. In fact, I don't always need to go a significant distance. Just matadoring him if we're near a wall will force him to overshoot, reverse, turn, possibly adjust, and then charge me. That's a lot more time consuming than a straight line drive. Adjustments that need to be made and human reaction time are huge here, and they generally favour me.

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