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ROBOT3 LW Quarterfinals: (2b) <3 vs (3a) Nuclear Plague

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 11:18 pm
<3Nuclear Plague
Speed: 5Speed: 5
Traction: 3Traction: 3
Torque: 1Torque: 1
Weapon: 11Weapon: 12
Armour: 10(+3 wedge)Armour: 9(+2 wedge)
Vertical hammer w/ anti-spinner plow this one because, here because it didn't really work for the splash thingVertical spinner

Re: ROBOT3 LW Quarterfinals: (2b) <3 vs (3a) Nuclear Plague

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 11:50 pm
Going with the vertical hammer in the low power config to add the high armor wedge, anti-vert edition.
Jesus fuck i need to find a better way to name my configs.

Our stats are very similar, we have the same stats for drive but i can strafe and he has some gyro.
also i don't actually get high centered if wedged, not quite the case with NP.
His weapon is a bit better, but still not enough to do much to my front and shock damage isn't much, just avoid getting hit on the chasis and everything will be fine.
My weapon deals 4 corner damage to his chasis, enough to do quite real damage, hitting his wedge or weapon won't damage much but at least my 9 armor hammer should survive a multiple direct hits.

Notice how NP is a more compact bot, and how it lacks a hammer blocker, if i get past that weapon it only has 7 armor and the area that that drum covers on his top is little, this combined with my reach means that i should easily be able to hit his top.
To do this i wan to fire while close to him, but not close enough to get hit preferably (keep in mind the hammer might make my bot jump a little) so i want to get rather close and then reverse a little when he engages, make sure i stay in the middle of the arena. This gives me more time to aim. If i do get hit its no big deal as i am going to get thrown away and i should be able to self right before he gets to me, quickly go back to the middle of the arena if this happens.

Remember that this fight last 3 minutes and likely isn't going to the judges, keep calm, position myself carefully, make sure to always face him and fire when i have clear shot, if i can aim for the wheels better. If i see any fancy driving maneuvers from Badnik i can just back off so i don't get cheesed, if i start backing into a wall (specially the low one) use my circle strafing to turn around NP and be the one closer to the center.

If we do meet with the wedges and i get under start pushing as that might high center NP, is i see that i can hit it with the hammer while wedgeing do it, if not make sure to do it while disengaging the pushing.
In any case expect angling in from both parties, but it's not guaranteed. If he tries a slow approach maybe try to fake some angling while actually just aiming a hit to the wheels.

If the fight has only 30-45 seconds left and it looks like its going to the judges somehow increase my aggression and try to get the kill. Just remember that i am the one with the easier time dealing damage.

Don't do mistakes, stay away from the walls SPECIALLY THE LOW ONE, do damage, don't get hit outside of my heavy armor, bonus points if i hit the wheels. GL HF