Post Traumatic Stress vs Mekabu

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Post Traumatic Stress vs Mekabu

Post by Wolf51-50 » Sat Sep 07, 2019 3:55 pm

PTS: 3/2/1/15/9

Mekabu: 5/4/1/11/9(+2)

First thing I notice is that he has a 13 armor spinner. Welllp.
But he only has 11 armor on his front wedge and shock damage is gonna be interesting.

Spin up to full speed. He doesn't have the speed to reach me before I do. Try to keep away from the walls as I move forward. While he does have all those wedges on the front, the ones on the sides are too far out to really wedge me and the front ones are too stubby. Before contact, try to turn slightly inwards so not only will I hit the disc, but the supports on the sides as well, which are not as well protected.

And with his bottom tooth probably being just under or at level with my spinner, he'll get sent flying sideways and I'll probably just pop up a bit. The spinner will keep me stabilized so I'm not too worried about getting flipped. And with 11 weapon, his spinner will probably slow down a whole lot after each hit. Take those openings to hit the supports, wedge, etc. If I'm getting too close to a wall, boop it to send me flying away and spin up right after, avoiding his disc in the process (not that he's gonna be able to hurt me much anyways :P)

All guns blazing until something breaks. See if I can knock him sideways, damage his wedge, or break his weapon support.

Good luck

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Re: Post Traumatic Stress vs Mekabu

Post by Trihunter » Sat Sep 07, 2019 6:17 pm

Okay, this is gonna be interesting. Main aim of the game is to get PTS thrown belly-up. As soon as possible, get up to speed, with an aggressive opener, aiming to land a weapon to weapon hit to throw some vertical force on the bot, bouncing it or flipping it if its speed isn't up to snuff yet. If it lands whilst spinning, odds are it's taking a chunk out of the floor or the wall and losing speed, so we can follow up with a KO strike. Tank what we can with the weapon and wedge, though focus on getting advantageous weapon to weapon strikes. Keep up aggression throughout and try to get that flip in.
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