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(1a) MUL-T vs (4b) Night Jackal

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 12:59 am
by V900
drum config



IDK which writer's gonna be doing this match, but by design, he has this entire surface scraping against the ground:

Image opposed to, say, if he had one of these center bits like you see on literally every other undercutter:


This is coupled with the fact that his weapon is Deep Six levels of obnoxiously heavy, and suddenly his "16 weapon" becomes awfully neutered.

Box-rush my opponent, slide under that blade and punt that chassis straight into the air. 13 weapon vs 7 armor = ur time is gonna be the opposite of good.

His blade actually sticks out the back too, so tilting his chassis backwards at all will cause his weapon to hit the ground and slow down even further.

Even if he begins to rev the weapon up to respectable speed, don't let up. The initial rush from across the arena is the longest I'll have to make; once I'm within range, I can start ramming him every few seconds. Should be easy enough!

gl hf

Re: (1a) MUL-T vs (4b) Night Jackal

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 11:52 pm
by Botomatic1000
Start upside down, spin up as soon as the match starts. His teeth are literally fucking bolts/screws/ whatever, fine for insects but at the HW level? Lol, they’ll be flying everything, if I can hit tight on the ones on the side drums then I could bend it in a way that locks the whole weapon up. He has a seven chassis armour which I can melt like butter. I can ride up god drum with my blade slightly and just fuck up his top armour, I’m a bar so he can’t get a solid bite on my weapon. Angle my hits to his sides/sides of his drum. Those tears wheels are obviously connected by the same axle so if I clip one then I’ve fucked up the entirety of one side of drive. The poor thing has 7 chassis armour so he may have shock damage. My ears will aid in stopping me from being flipped over from an attack from the front but the force of my weapon hitting the ground when spun up should flip me back over anyway. Always be spun up, always be facing him.