(1a) Hati vs (4b) Epicer Waluigi

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(1a) Hati vs (4b) Epicer Waluigi

Post by V900 » Sat Sep 07, 2019 12:39 am

solid discs

Spin upward. You seein' this btw chief?


That's a near-vertical flat surface and I will eat it for lunch. EZ corner damage. 4 corner damage = ded, 4 anything damage = wheel go splat. That vert. surface and the wheels make up a good 50% of his bot. One fuckup and he's toast.

If HFL thinks he can use his narrow wedge to cleanly flank my parked bus, yokozuna, cook-on-a-george-foreman-grill-just-to-drink-out-of-the-grease-tray phat phuck wheelbase, then that's some top-level delusion. Even if he does, what's he gonna do? Push my wheels around? Just rev whatever wheel he's pushing. It'll monstertruck up and over Hati's wedge and/or free itself by driving off the wedge.

Come out of my starting square but do NOT actively pursue Hati. Turn in place and let him come to me. The only movement I should be making is toward the center of the arena, scoot forward/backward toward there when I can.

Yes, I will slide quite a bit from my abysmal traction. No, I do not care. Hati has NO means of inflicting damage nor OOTAing me beyond crossing fingers and hoping I ricochet myself out off it's wedge. My movement toward the center of the arena will prevent that.

Become more aggressive if Hati is still alive during the last 1:00 of the match. Maintain my "stay near the center of the arena" strat.

gl hf

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Re: (1a) Hati vs (4b) Epicer Waluigi

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Sep 07, 2019 12:42 am


Hati: Speed 8 / Traction 7/ Torque 3/ Weapon 0/ Armor 12
Epicer Waluigi: Speed 4/ Traction 1/ Torque 1/ Weapon 16/ Armor 8


Shield Config. V900 pulled some janky bullshit in the Discord with declaring flails, then editing his post once the chat had scrolled past it and going “I changed my mind lol.” I think he’s going discs. But realistically if he’s swapping back and forth in the pits I can bolt and unbolt the UHMW flail blocker from Hati’s plow a lot faster than he can split Epicer Waluigi in half to change weapons. Neither of us is REQUIRED to declare, so if I can legally do so, then put the blocker on if he goes flails but take it off if he goes discs. If I can’t legally do this just leave the thing off.


Be aggressive but if at all possible ONLY attack the side of his weapon spinning UPWARD, and attack at low closing speeds.

If Flails: With three “teeth” the big blunt metal balls can’t bite into me at ALL, and will skip off both the steel wedge and the UHMW blocker. Let him slowly dissipate all his KE hitting it, then spin around and try to push against his wheels since I can’t really push the floppy weapon.

If Discs: He still can’t bite into the double angled surface effectively, especially with three teeth on a vert. Let it scrape against me and lose energy, then push against it or his wheels to shove him around. If he lets the weapon stop and then suddenly reverses it in close quarters he can’t build up any speed and actually hurt me.

If he’s facing me with the downward-spinning side, circle him and force him to gyrodance until he’s skating on his side outriggers and loses traction or lets me get to his other side (HUGE ONLY DOESNT GYRODANCE MUCH BECAUSE ITS WEAPON IS VERY LIGHT FOR A HEAVY IE NOT A DEATHSPINNER LIKE EW) or if he’s got flails the gyroscopic forces make the cables they’re on start hitting the corners of his chassis.

If this doesn’t work, attack his wheels from the front, ramming him and knocking him aside without actually touching the weapon until I can get him off balance enough to get to his “back,” OR attack his discs/flails from a strong sideways angle to get them to skip off the sloped sides of my plow instead of “hammering” down on the top of it.

If I’m somehow flipped over, drive into his upward-spinning side to get back upright. Yeah it’ll beat up my plow’s tip but his blades are too high to catch torn-up edges anyway.

Once I slow his weapon stay on him with my MUCH faster and more agile drivetrain, and keep booping it to stop him from spinning up. If he’s at low speed I’m not picky about the orientation. I’m twice his speed and small enough to just kind of hang out underneath him and follow him without giving him any space to spin up.

Basically don’t go for anything flashy, just constantly harass, annoy, and prevent him from getting the big hits he wants by taking advantage of him combining godawful maneuverability with an extremely hard-to-control weapon.


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