(2b) Idiot Triangle vs (3a) Kirby

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(2b) Idiot Triangle vs (3a) Kirby

Post by V900 » Fri Sep 06, 2019 11:41 pm

flipper configgggggggggggggggggggggg

Okay, so elephant in the room: I'm slow. Counterpoint: he is also slow. He's got effectively 2 speed, I have 4. I'm 200% faster than him, a ratio comparable to your standard "8 speed brick vs 4 speed spinner" fight.

Second elephant in the room: he takes 4 damage per flip. That's right- landing on his wheels (as full body spinners tend to do) actually HURTS him more compared to if he gets upended onto his teeth. The threshold to knock off said wheels is 3 damage. There is a very good chance that landing on his wheels will cause the axles to snap.

My face is covered in beefy 13 armor. So long as he doesn't get any two-hit combos (smacking to the side -> chassis hit, even 4 speed spinners are hard pressed to do it. What chance does he have?) or hit me like 30-40 times during the match, I'm good. Meanwhile, I just need a (singular) decent flip to potentially inflict massive, if not match-ending damage.

So, what's the strat here? Approach until there's a 5-7 ft gap between the two of us. Use my mechwheels to seamlessly swivel in and get him to ride up the front of my flipper attachment. Aim my flip and take it.

If he hits the angled sides of my flipper attachment, there's a good chance he'll either pop himself into the air or smack me away. If the former, great. If the latter, back off and wait 5ish seconds to see what happens. Maybe he'll get flung into a wall. In fact, I'm going to prioritize that when choosing when to try swiveling in or not. Let's see some wall collisions.

gl hf

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Re: (2b) Idiot Triangle vs (3a) Kirby

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Sep 07, 2019 12:40 am


Idiot Triangle: Speed 16 (effective 2) / Traction 1 (+5 for spinup calculations) / Torque 1 / Weapon 2 (effective 16) / Armor 10 (+2 teeth)

Kirby: Speed 4 / Traction 2 / Torque 1 / Weapon 12 / Armor 11 (+2 blue?)

CONFIGS: V900 declared the flipper config on Discord.


“Flipper setup is hinged.” Uhh… the hinge pins are literally perpendicular to each other. I know Sideswipe’s hydraulics got a pass but they were at least close: that just does not work as a hinge. Instead it’s static, and the weight of that entire flipper module forward of his wheels will make him tip forward onto it, which is great for his wedginess (i.e. not useful at all against me) but means his back wheels will be off the ground even if just by a fraction of an inch. Goodbye effective strafing/turning and half your traction.

Anyway: spin up, come out, engage in the arena center. Even if his drivetrain does work properly in this config he’s still slow and not all that well-controlled, and he’s swinging around a very heavy weapon module. Try to strafe to the sides and hit the corners of it. I don’t think he has the speed to smother me, so also actually be aggressive. His flipper is powerful, but he can’t get an effective flip against a melty without stopping me from spinning and risks getting exposed corners hit for trying, and again good luck stopping me spinning with that drivetrain. Meanwhile he can make me pinball around, sure, but he can’t really control the match, and I can just keep wailing on him. His armor on the flipper is pretty tough, but it’s not totally immune to getting chewed up or bent to a point where I can start grabbing into damaged edges and getting corner damage.


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