<3 vs Star Spangled

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<3 vs Star Spangled

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Aug 10, 2019 11:59 pm

Fuckit no stats for you writter :V

Le me going with the main config.

He is faster but not by a lot.
He has better control but i can strafe.
The flipper may OOTA me, but it will be hard considering its angle and stuff.
I am fully invertible.
I deal a bit of corner damage, i guess its something.
He doesn't have more torque than me.
He has a better wedge, but not by much.

So basically i want to stay right in front of him while facing him and keeping a bit of distance, as long as i am firing my hammers and hitting his sides i can call it aiming so i get aggression points. Do this for the entire fight until its over, then i win the JD.
Our wedges will collide during the fight and i doubt that any angling will happen. If i get under we both have equal torque but he is a faster so he outpushes, BUT he does it very slowly and i can fire my hammers during this time for free hits and the jumping occasioned by that wont make me phase through his wedge so i can keep firing until he backs off and then we start again.
If he gets under he still only has 1(one) torque and his weapon is all the way back and is front hinged so it requires to get my all the way to the back for it to function. This means that i can safely back off before i get flipped, and even if that happens i am invertible.

He theoretically can OOTA me so preferably stay away from the low wall, just in case.

Don't make driving mistakes like always, keep being aggressive and hitting him, GL HF.
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